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I’m an Autistic-Conservative-Christian who loves to write, act, paint, and so much more, with so many ideas in my head it’s hard to make them stay put. I also have quite an unusual sense of humor.

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My Movie Review on Monsters Inc. · 1:45pm Oct 8th, 2019

Yo, what's up, peoples?

Your friendly film, TV show, and episode reporter is here with another film review.

And today, I'll be making my 2nd installment of my "Spook Spectacular" series by analyzing "Monsters Inc."

Here's the rundown of it:

Sulley and Mike are two best friends who are the number one employees of their job, "Monsters Inc.". Sulley being a scarer of human children, and Mike being Sulley's coach and station runner.

However, when Sulley discovers an activated door, and accidentally allows a human child through, the entire city of Monstropolis goes into panic.

Taking full responsibility for his mistake, Sulley decides that the best way to fix everything is to find the child's door and return her to the human world, with Mike helping him out.

But, they'll have to step lively and be careful, because the CDA (Child Detection Agency) and a rather cruel monster named Randall are also looking for the child. And each of their intentions are the opposite of getting the child home.

Will Sulley and Mike be able to keep the child safe and get her back to the human world? Or will she fall into the hands of the ones who intend to harm her?

I really must say that, along with "Toy Story" and many of the other movies made by Pixar, this film is a genuine jewels that's absolutely amazing.

The story by Pete Docter, Jill Culton, Jeff Pidgeon, and Ralph Eggleston, and the screenplay by Andrew Stanton and Dan Gerson, were excellently done. And so was the direction by Docter, Lee Unkrich, and David Silverman.

Putting their creative heads together, all of the people I mentioned just now were able to come up with a marvelous film. The comedy aspect of the film is perhaps one of the most hilarious I've ever seen, because I can't recall even a single moment that didn't make my family and I laugh. The amount of emotion and heart that was put into the movie was astounding as a plus, especially the moments depicting the growing bond between Sulley and Boo, and when the friendship between Sully and Mike is consistently tested.

As always, Pixar's abilities with computer animation does not fail to amaze me. Even though the practice was starting to become common at the time, something about how they animate always seems to leave a significant mark. The character animation was particularly excellent, especially with the fur of so many monsters, and when the character of Randall would move his snake-like body or turn invisible.

Randy Newman, as with the two Toy Story films I previously reviewed, and "A Bug's Life", was able to make another winner of a music score. It may not have the same kind of strength as the previous Pixar films I reviewed, but it's excellent nonetheless and strong enough to give this movie instant feeling.

Finally, the voice-acting, casting, characters, and character development were all as awesome as anyone can expect from a Pixar film. If I have to choose which ones I believe to be the best of the cast and characters, it would be John Goodman, Billy Crystal, and Steve Buscemi, and their characters of Sulley, Mike, and Randall.

Crystal's comedic-timings and the lovable personality he gave Mike was literally so fun. Award-worthy even, because a lot of the best moments came from both him and his character.

Also, Steve Buscemi was clearly born for the role of Randall. He portrayed the character so well, that he seemed to have even been able to match his performance with his character's movements. He gave him a perfect sense of humor and personality too, and the character's mischievousness and sense of intimidation was enough to make Randall one of Pixar's best antagonists.

And John Goodman...boy, he was perfect for the role of Sulley. He not only gave his character an awesome personality and humorous side, but in the times where Sulley bonds with Boo, he gave him an astounding fatherly warmth and kindness that made the bonding all-the-more real. The character development of Sulley throughout the movie was warmly amazing.

My only concern is that this movie might not be something for kids five and under. It's mainly because, during the last time I saw it, I was watching it with my 5 and 3 year old nieces, and there were parts that apparently caused them to get scared or cry.

In conclusion, though, "Monsters Inc." proves to be another astonishing gem from Pixar thanks to having awesome creativity, originality, vocal talent, etc. And hey, if you guys think this is something you can see with your kids anyway, be my guest.

So, I rate "Monsters Inc." a solid five out of five stars.

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Comments ( 10 )

Just ready-ay the review-ay.

It's pig Latin, my dude.

Also, I don't think there was any doubt in anyone's mind what this would be rated.

To quote one of the scenes from the movie, right?

What’d you guys think of my review? And what are your thoughts on this movie?

I enjoyed the relationship between Mike, Sully, and Boo.

Waternoose was an amazing villain and character.

The company? Who cares about the company? What about us?
That thing is a KILLING MACHINE!!!!
Now look i think i have a plan here.
Using mainly spoons,
we dig a tunnel under the city and release it into the wild!

"Monsters exist." -Bill Randa, Kong: Skull Island

BTW, I love Monsters Inc.

I think you meant "ead-ray the eview-ray."

Yeah, this was a surprisingly good movie. I say that because I remember how lackluster the first movie teaser for it was.

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