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Apropos of the Sinners - Update 5 · 10:28pm July 23rd

I'm pretty much finished writing Part IV, and now all that's left is polishing it. The good news is that I'm certain to make quick work of Part V; I'll probably be getting to it soon. If things go smoothly, I may even publish it by the time Part IV is over, which is August 3rd.

Part V is going to be the train arc, with a whole new batch of characters. Comparatively, Part V might just be the densest part yet, with tons of scenes to execute in harmony with one another. It should be fun to write.

Lastly, if you were getting bogged down by all of the heavy monologuing and philosophizing, be pleased to know that that will be significantly reduced to make way for a faster paced and more action-oriented direction. Basically we're going to be getting very plot-heavy.

You know, it's times like these when I really wish Equestria Daily went back to giving out star ratings.

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