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"Aegis" is finished! Chapter 8 wraps it up! · 9:30pm Jul 23rd, 2019

And I'm done. "Aegis" is finally finished. Chapter 8 ends the story. And it turned out horrible. But that doesn't matter much in the big picture anymore, because the rest of the story started sucking long ago anyway. You'll probably notice how my motivation was running out in the last few sentences.
Anyway, it's done now. It's cliched as hell and reads like watching paint dry, but it's done and I stuck to my philosophy of finishing every story I've started, no matter how horrible it is.
If you want to read it, here is the final chapter:


And this is it, for now. "Aegis" won't be touched for a long time now, until I sit down in the far future and rewrite it from the ground up to make it the good story it should have been.

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Well, i find you did well with it

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