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BronyCon Bookstore Inventory Survey is Up! · 4:14pm Jun 11th, 2019

To the few of you who actually follow me and are going to BronyCon, we'd really like you to fill out this survey for the BronyCon Bookstore. This is a little shindig the good fellow Aquaman is holding at the final BronyCon in two months, where authors can sell their fanfiction in the BronyCon vendor hall. I will be contributing a collection to this endeavor with my own short story collection (it will be called "Endings", which "The Right Reads" may or may not be included in; I'll decide after I've polished my other material), so it'd really help if you could answer the survey so that I and the other authors can know how many books we need to bring.

Thanks, and have a great day!

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