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Sunset Shimmer, invited by Twilight to an Equestrian Hearth's Warming party, finds herself back in the world she'd left long ago. Surrounded by familiar strangers and without a gift to give, she quickly becomes alienated from the other guests.

Except for one.

Written for Nyronus in the 2018 Jinglemas.

Now part of the Endings collection.

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Two of my favorite ponies, thanks for delivering!

Such magnificent cover art! I must read this story.

Just then, Sunset stood on only two legs and went blind in her left eye. She looked down with her right to see the entire left side of her body gone.

Oh my.

Well, that was nice and sweet.

An unusual character interaction, delivered with aplomb. A lovely read. :twilightsmile:

Having gone through lasik surgery I can confirm there are few moment more disconcerting than suddenly losing sight in one of your eyes. Even if given warning.

Fun fact. The Prince was apparently written as something of a resume.

At least Sunset wasn't besides herself over meeting Discord.

Thanks to everyone for responding! I hope you enjoyed the story, and sorry I haven't responded as soon as I should have. Grad school takes a lot of a person, I tell you h'wat.

You're welcome! :pinkiehappy:

I hope you've read it by now. And yes, Vanilla Ghosties is a great artist who you should check out.

That was the sensation I was going for. Based on everybody's responses, it seems I was successful.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, it's weird enough when you go blind temporarily in both eyes, but only losing sight in one seems to be more disorienting. As for The Prince, I'd heard a lot of conflicting explanations for why Machiavelli wrote it, which is why Twilight asks Luna if he was being serious when he wrote it or if it was just satire.


A well written story and a very good read.

“Please, Sunset,” the horned figure said. “‘Ack’ was my third cousin four times removed. ‘Discord’ is the name most ponies call me.”

She only said that because you scared her discord. :ajbemused:

“Of course not,” Discord said with a grin. “Sometimes I cameo in their toast and bowls of spaghetti.”

I'm sorry what!

“Well, I wanted to make an impression,” Discord said with a sheepish shrug. “A brief moment of inescapable bodily manipulation and the resulting existential terror is something one rarely forgets.”

And is not a good way to introduce yourself to someone. Especially you with your chaos magic.

“Fear not,” Luna said with a smile. “My sister got tied up with some dispute between the Canterlot nobles, so I brought another tome in her place.” A book floated out of her satchel into Sunset’s hoof. “I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you used this one as your own.”

You sure were a good help twice right there princess Luna. :pinkiehappy:

“But he was very good,” Sunset said. “Very few writers ever managed to pack as much emotion in so few words like he did.”

Interesting :applejackunsure:

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