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Welp, im in trouble again · 3:12am May 22nd, 2019

For those of you who don't know, but I was homeless for a time. I struggled with a lot of things from getting a job to finding an apartment. Now I'm in this situation again, though, hopefully, not for long. I'm going to have to take a break from writing to get my priorities straightened out once more. (My apartment building went up in flames destroying everything but my data. Than you Google Drive!

Thus. for those willing to help, here is my PayPal donation link. I won't accept anymore than 300$ As this amount should help me get bus ticket out of this fucking city.

Thank you, love Winter.


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Comments ( 12 )

Whish i could help u out but sadly i gotta keep a roof over my head first and foremost. Really hope you get help soon. Ik what it's like being homeless

Replying to you from outside a closed library at 9:48 pm. It sucks but you meet some interesting people and acquire neat inspiration

Hey there winter, sorry I can’t pony up some money for you, currently dealing with medical bills and the such sorry, just know I’m sending positive vibes your way, I love your story’s and love you, keep being you and I wish you the best

*Sends positivity in the mail*

You got that right, I would do it if I could

I see what I can do.

No money to give but if you are in the south I can put you up for a few nights.

I'm In Canada, but that's for the love. <3

Sorry I couldn't give more.

It's fine. It paid for my Bus ticket. Now I just 250 for food for my new place. Eating at a Soul Kitchen kinda' sucks sometimes.

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