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Starting tomorrow... · 6:45am May 19th, 2019

Hello everyone, the librarian mare Paradise here.
I have been writing pony stories for a long time now, and left many loose ends and cliffhangers in my work. But the big story is coming. All my stories... all the cliffhangers Left over from the beginning of my writing... starting tomorrow. A big story is coming, and it is time to resolve a decade's worth of plot lines. This is inspired by the upcoming end of the show, that should wrap up all of the plot lines for FiM. So this Pegasister (me) has decided to get her stories all tied up, even though I will continue writing for a long time to come.

Tomorrow, "Full Circle" begins...

The girl whose going places,

Paradise Oasis

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Comments ( 4 )

Dun dun dun!

You had me worried you were leaving or going to quit writing there for a minute.

Looking forward to it. I've always enjoyed your stories.

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