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Always looking to learn and enhance my craft as well as share in the fandom fun.

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  • 2 weeks
    All That We Become: A Single Step

    The next part of the story is finally here as we join Aurelian and Faye on their excursion into a brand new world. It took me a while to get to this and I'm glad I waited because I've been thinking over how I wanted to continue this story for some time. I really liked how this turned out and how Aurelian moves forward and I can only hope that all of you enjoy it as much as it's predecessor. If

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  • 3 weeks

    For those interested, my next story is going to be the first in a series of follow-ups to All That We Are. That particular universe has proven to be popular and one of my most responded to stories. That story opened up a lot of world building so what I've chosen to do is make a new series called All That We Become, the stories in this series will follow certain characters as their new lives

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  • 5 weeks
    Young 6 kick

    Just producing some short and sweet one shots about the young 6. I like to get out some easy stuff between my multi-chapter projects. If you're interested, check them out.

    EThe Reluctant Mistress
    Yona is just too sweet and innocent for some things.
    Marezinger Z · 1.1k words  ·  20  2 · 369 views
    EWhy Can't We Be Friends?
    A moment in time following Gallus' confession of love for his long time friend Silverstream.
    Marezinger Z · 1.2k words  ·  23  0 · 399 views
    0 comments · 13 views
  • 6 weeks
    Stellar and Quartz: Finale

    The final chapter is up. It's been quite a ride but the end is nigh as Stellar and her friends face off against Sleight; but the surprises aren't done just yet. Thanks to everyone who's been following along and for your comments and input; I hope the ending satisfies and when we next return to the world of our MLP moms, it'll be Pear Butter and Twilight Velvet. Enjoy.


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  • 6 weeks
    Stellar and Quartz: Chapter 10

    After much delay, chapter 10 is up. We're in the home stretch as with this chapter we discover just who is behind the bizarre happenings in the town and set up for the final fight. Next up, the conclusion of our story as we reach the ghost town showdown. I promise it won't take as long. Enjoy.

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Work in progress · 2:07am May 16th, 2019

This is just a note to anyone following my story, The Prince of Griffonstone. It's been over a week and I'm still working on the next chapter; the rough draft is about 80% done. To be honest, this story has evolved. It was originally supposed to be a one shot, romantic comedy and somewhere along the line became a detailed story about Griffonstone. Even my chapter based stories are usually 100% done in my head but we're in uncharted territory now and I'm writing this one in real time, which is why the updates are taking longer. I hit some writers block as well which isn't helping, so I stepped away from it and knocked out a one shot sequel for another story to keep my mind fresh. Long story short, I haven't abandoned the project and just wanted to let interested parties know that more is on the way. Thanks for the patience. :pinkiesmile:

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