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In the Absence of Twilight Sparkle - News! · 9:00pm May 10th, 2019

I'd like to start by making apologies for going dark on this story for so long. I never intended to abandon it, and I allowed the silence to snowball until you all probably thought I was gonna quietly cancel it.

I'm not going to quietly cancel it.

Because it's not cancelled. It's going on hiatus.

I have been going full-hog on the previous story, Rhythm and Rhyme, and it's been taking forever. Abso-blinking-lutely forever. I've been at the darn thing for three years. I want it done. Complete. Having reached a satisfying conclusion. Ex-unfinished. By all indicators, I should finish it this year. I expected to be done a long time ago.

I wanted to give ITAOTS the same level of care that I want to give R&R. So I put the former on hold until the latter was sorted.

Long story short, I want to show that I actually give a darn about the wacky adventures of our favorite bespectacled equestria girl. I officially announce, here and now, that the story will resume being my main project the moment R&R is finished. At that point, it shall be my only project. Only updates for ITAOTS until it reaches its conclusion.

At that point, we can finally begin the final story of the The Heart's Promise Series series.

So there you have it. Just hold on a little bit longer, and your favorite MyHobby-penned story about Sci-Twi the Science Cop will continue. Or second favorite. In the Absence of Sunset Shimmer is a hard act to follow.

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Authors I follow that have a lot of different stories tend to have trends like this, where their muse pulls them to one story for an extended period of time. I'm happy to see the thrilling conclusion to R&R, and I'll also be happy to ITAOTS update.

But I don't know if you want to tie yourself to the mast on a story if you are not feeling it at any given time. You know your own writing process best of course, but I think just working on whatever story your currently feeling motivated on is a solid strategy.

Wow has it really been three years that you've been writing R&R? Feels like only yesterday that I was anxiously awaiting updates to Daybreak. Man how time flies. Also, I had no idea that we were so (relatively) close to the Endgame of Heart's Promise. Looking forward to all of it!

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