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Astronomers Finally Have Photo of a Black Hole... · 4:35pm April 10th

... insert your own dirty joke here...

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Comments ( 10 )

Might want to get that looked at. It looks a little inflamed.

Oh hey, Flurry Heart's cutie mark. :raritywink:

They say they photographed a black hole, but I think the head scientist is trying to hide the fact that he found the One Ring.

Oh hey look at that objectively evil hole~

The Eye of Sauran’s first attempt at a selfie

Poor Luna. #PonutProblems

Looks like a delicious space donut. Or an eye of some cosmic space demon. Or both.

There's already memes out there that crosses this with Zelda, SSB, and Mass Effect.

Hey everyone, look! It Sunset Shimmer’s @$$hole!

Or, as Discord calls it 'The Front Door'.

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