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Hello. · 4:50am May 31st, 2015


I have been a member on the site for a little while and I finally decided to reach out and post a personal blog on the site.
I don;t have much to say since I don't have any writing talent (No Fanfiction from Me anytime soon) :applejackunsure:, but I do sketches and drawings when I have the time. Plus I am a fan of the Rarity and Twilight Pairing. :twilightsmile: :raritywink: If anyone wants to chat with me, I'm always open to that. :pinkiesmile:

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Glad to see that you enjoyed Me! Would love to hear what you thought!

Thanx for the watch and may i ask what is it for?

2071967 Huh. That is rather interesting. But I thank you all the same. :yay:


A few reasons:

- Rarilight is my OTP :raritywink: :twilightsmile:

- It's well written

- I like your take on how they form a relationship & the events that happen because of it (specifically how Twilight rejected Rarity at first)


Because I'm enjoying your story "Twinkling Gem" and I am interested in seeing what else you'll write in the future.

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