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Hail King Sombra

We are all just stories in the end. Official scribe to his Royal Highness King Sombra of the Crystal Empire. His tales are as varied as they are poignant, sad and bittersweet. Remember them well.

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New Story: Shattered Crystal · 9:03pm Apr 3rd, 2019

Warning for spoilers for the new MLP:FIM series final season.

Here's the long and short sypnosis:

This is another in the “what if” series I started from previews of the upcoming Series Final of MLP:FIM. It's also a sequel to "Regrets" in a way and is really also part of the "Times Neverwhen" series I start with my second story, "Times Neverwhen - Two Sides to Every Heart" I ran it past Askre - my authority on anything King Sombra and he said, "It's very good.". I hope it is. It was done in a rush, one-day job from concept in the shower this morning to now two hours before I leave work. Let me know what you think and enjoy!

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Hey, just kinda saying this, but I DO NOT LIKE SOMBRA'S voice! Man, I thought it was way too noble, not gruff enough.

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