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    But I've posted a new story, and it's not smut. I know, crazy, right?

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Not to alarm anyone... · 4:02pm Mar 14th, 2019

But I've posted a new story, and it's not smut. I know, crazy, right?

Anyway, I was reading some stories like Roll For Initiative recently and while I really enjoyed the concept I thought those sorts of things were a more cutesy take on the whole premise of pen and paper games. So I wanted to write something a lot more dysfunctional, and a lot closer to my personal experiences playing tabletop RPGs.

The story is loosely based on a game I ran last year, peppered with a few events from other games I've been in since I first started playing PnP games around 13-years-old or so. So if any of the situations seem outrageous or unrealistic, I can assure you they're probably not.

Anyway, I only have one chapter up at the moment, but fear not as I plan on posting the rest of this story over the next few days. So just sit tight as they come, and you can see how it turns out for Sunburst and the girls.

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