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Scammer Warning: Rexxy#1987 · 8:52am Jul 31st, 2022

So thankfully this doesn't happen to me very often, but recently I had a commissioner welch on payment, and they seem to be a bit of a serial offender when it comes to this so I thought I would put the word out.

They habitually join RP servers on discord and say they'll pay for RP, and showed me logs from other people they'd convinced to accept their deal. I found the offer a bit strange but I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Even in initial talks they were very rude and condescending, but once I agreed to RP with them they quickly became pretty ingratiating and wanting to write all the time together, bugging me when I said I wasn't available and so on. Nothing but positivity and praise for my writing though, like below:

Once I'd been writing for a bit and the time for payment came around, obviously the excuses started coming around. First they said that their Paypal was a special Paypal that took 10 days to transfer the money (lol?) and I just sort of assumed maybe they were embarrassed about having to get money from their parents or something so I ignored it. But it was pretty not-great that they changed the subject when I asked about it.

Anyway, obviously I never got paid and when I asked about it they gave me more excuses and pretty flatly told me I would only get the money when they felt like it.

So yeah, tldr is if you are in any RP servers and you see this person, feel free to alert the mods and link them to this post... and obviously don't RP with them expecting to get paid! When they first contacted me I looked up their username to see if I could find any sort of scammer post and I didn't see anything, so... hopefully someone who would have been fooled by their bullshit will be able to see this and avoid the difficulty I went through.

Also if anyone wants to repost this in any scammer communities or point me towards where I can post it myself, that would be appreciated. It's thankfully a world I'm not very familiar with.

Report Frocto · 285 views · #scammer #commissions
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Did about a week of rp very inactive (both of us) but I decided to let such things slide but they kept pushing and pushing to the point ti just would pay than not rp but intact they kept pushing and pushing when I was busy so I left and things like that

Basically just lied on me

rex seems to have a strong history of promising payment, not giving the payment, making excuses as to why they cant pay, and they suicide baiting when not getting his way.

please, please, don't promise things you don't intend to fulfill, don't get mad when people expect you to keep your promise to it.

I encountered the same dude, and he largely treated me the same way. Anytime I didn't act exactly as he wanted he would start talking about all the other people that loved interacting with him. Asking him to explain things he posted also resulted in extreme hostility.

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