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UPDATE 14/03/19 (Twilight Turns Into a Puppy) · 10:37am Mar 14th, 2019

It is returning...

So, I can confirm that I am writing alongside my horror story, I Am Not a Monster, my reboot for Twilight Turns Into a Puppy. I can't confirm a release date, but I would like to publish it within this year. Main plot details will remain secret for now, however, it is pretty much the same principle from the original story, except that I'm going to include more characters and depth into the story.

I hope that you guys will enjoy it once it's online. I am thinking of doing multiple chapters and even possibly a sequel, if not, a series to the story. I regret taking down the story and I want to bring it back with a new twist to it. Who knows? There may be other characters who I would like to turn into puppies!

I understand that there are other stories that are similar. The original story I posted was released in January 2018, however, I don't want to be assumed that I've copied the other users' stories nor that they have copied mine. All rights to their stories belong to them as much as this own will be my own original work. This upcoming story would have come from my own imagination.

But putting all that aside, I am excited to be writing this story and I hope you all enjoy it once it's been published. I have many potential ideas on how this can continue once I have written this story as well e.g. sequels and spin-offs.

I hope all of you have a great day and I hope this story comes out as well as I hope it to be!

- Muffin

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Comments ( 7 )

Will be looking forward to it then! Thankfully, I have some time on my hooves now that my Annuals are over! :twilightsheepish:

Congratulations that your Annuals are over.

Looking forward to seeing your rewrite. Often better ideas come after seeing how the initial story goes. Good luck!

I'm curious, how will your story of "Twilight Turns Into a Puppy" be different than mine? Since you gave me permision to repost the story with my own twist?


PLEASE message me back

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