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[NOW RETIRED FROM WRITING FANFICS] I'm a Scotsman who liked to write stories, not all of which were of the self-insert variety.

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RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT · 9:14am February 18th

TL;DR - You're not getting one.

I've thought long and hard about this, but I feel that the time has come for me to retire from writing fanfiction.

The reasons are many:

1) Lack of ideas.
2) Dwindling view counts; the Geoverse in particular is a good example of this.
3) Even when I do get an idea, I can barely find the time to do anything with it.
4) Unlike a lot of other authors, I can't seem make money from doing this; I didn't get any support on Patreon, and my YCH story didn't get a lot of people interested either. I was hoping to use both as a way to help me earn some extra cash for going to cons, such as UKPC and BronyScot, but I guess they were just the fevered dreams of a desperate madman.
5) Book sales have pretty much stalled.

Y'all probably think I'm being selfish, but I can assure you that's not the case. I genuinely wanted to use writing to help me make money, since I'm finding it so goddamn hard to find an actual job (not being able to drive doesn't help me in that regard). I felt that by creating a Patreon and offering a YCH, I would get people to help me out, and I wasn't even asking for much ($1 per month minimum for Patreon and £2.50/$3 for the YCH).

Alas, like every idea I've ever had, it fell flat on its face.

I want to stress that money (or lack thereof) isn't the main reason why I am quitting writing; as I've said, I've barely written anything new lately, and the few times I have come onto Fimfiction have been to plug something that someone else is doing. In the last year, I've only written five stories — and even those were published a few months apart.

I'm sorry to disappoint you all like this, but I think it's best to quit now; I've had a good run, and I can't thank you enough for your support, but - as the saying goes - all good things must come to an end.

You've been wonderful, and I love you all.

Stay Awesome.

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Comments ( 17 )

115 stories is a lot. You've done your part for fimfiction for sure.

Just please don't delete your stories like so many others have done when they left.

Good luck out there! Be sure to stop by from time to time, you never know when inspiration will strike.

You wrote some good stuff in your time on this strange site and I understand why your quitting fan fiction and I do hope you find something that makes you happy whatever that may be and I hope you have a good life and good luck on your future endeavors dude.

I for one am hart broken to hear this news and at the same time i understand totally.
mlp G4 is starting year 9 and has a fantastic run.
Sir you are a grate writer never forget that.
GD you will be missed greatly.

It's sad to see Geo go.
And that the same time I just found out today MLP season 9 is the last season.
But even with Geo and the MlP series coming to an end (and with G5 on the horizon), there will always be pony.
Pony fandom is creative fandom that always reinvents itself.
It'll survive.
Survive it will.

i am really hopping things pick up hear on fimfic with the start of G5.

well... hard to say I'm surprised after hearing your reasons. I gave up writing years back even before I get to Brony.
Still Geoverse was one of the first fanfics I've ever read and it will always have some special place with me.

Best of luck in the future

Comment posted by Fluttershy Whisperwing deleted February 18th

I am upset but after reading the situation I have to agree. Its not right to be forced into this when you have lost all creativity in it. And I believe you just know that I have you have been a great author to me and will always be the greatest author to ever introduce me to fimfiction. Thank you for all you have done dude and may god bless you for your journey ahead of you.

Best wishes to you, Geo. Though your time in Fimfiction has reached its end, the friendship you've gained here is real.

Good luck to you, ya made great fics but it;s understandable if ya wish to retire from writing just hope I can still keep reading ya fics here


~ Francis (boogie)

I still read some of your older stories.

Good Luck with everything in the Future,
just wondering where is it you sell your book ?

Thank you for all the stories you've made and what you've done on here. It's sad to see you go but hopefully you keep your stories on here, if you want to that is. It's your choice afterall.

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