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I'm a Proud ABDL mommy. Writer of padded pony fics, a lot of fics about Shining Armor and his mom, several about Rainbow Dash and her family, and far more mom stories than you can imagine.

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I Need Some Love, And So Does This Fic · 11:31am Feb 10th, 2019

Hola, Fimfiction. Short time, no see.

So basically this is a vent post. I just need some friends who understand. So I spent two weeks working on this Hunger Games fanfic, and of course it's ABDL because come on, you guys know me by now. I was so intensely proud of it. I couldn't wait to post it. Almost 24,000 words long with 8,000 of those words written yesterday, it is the longest Oneshot I have ever done. And I was so happy and proud. And I posted it. And it got two guest reviews the first day. Great, Right?


They shit all over it. I actually got the phrase "Only People with psychological issues" Would like this story, that it was "Complete fucking shit". And a "That's not what Hunger Games fans want to read". And it just killed me. First of all, I didn't write it for it to be close to the books, I wrote it for the ABDL community who enjoyed that fandom. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I get that, but that just took it too far because there was no empathy with that first remark, no trying to see someone else's point of view. I firmly believe that that's what you should do when you read something, even when you don't like it. Try and see how they saw. And they didn't do that. Not once.

I put my heart into everything I write. I spent two weeks crafting this, watching it go from a tiny idea seed to full blown fucking oak tree. And it's like they fucking cut my tree down. I gave serious debate to taking down the story. But the criticism of me wasn't why I was upset.

Most of you all know by now that I have schizophrenia, so I can hear and see things that aren't there. And two of the characters from that story- Finnick (Finny in the story and in my mind) and Mags- Told me this story in their words. They didn't just shit on me when they criticized the story. They shit on them too. And Finny at this point is maybe five years old. And When I looked at those reviews, he saw them too. And he cried. They made a little boy so sad, and that's what really got to me. It wasn't that they shit on age play. It wasn't that they didn't understand the message I tried to send with the story that everyone copes with things differently and that we form our own families. It was that they made that happy go lucky little boy cry. It was like being slaughtered, hearing him wail. And I ended up crying too.

Thankfully, the reviews were guest ones that I could moderate and they never disgraced my story. But some of those words have etched themselves into my mind, and I'm sure they'll stay a while as they tend to do.

I'm not one to ask for reviews when I'm not sure someone is in the fandom I write for, but please, if you are in The Hunger Games fandom and you like my stories, give this story a shot and some much needed love. I don't want to feel like all the work I put into it was for nothing.


Thank you guys. You rock.



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Don’t let haters get you down.

Though I think the worst criticism is when you get a criticism that doesn’t tell you how to improve. It just leaves you wondering,’if you hate my story, mind telling me the things you liked and didn’t like so that I can make a story you’ll actually like?’ Those people make me mad.

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