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Comments on Yamada-Kun and The Seven Witches · 7:45pm Feb 3rd, 2019

Warning, the song is super catchy!

Yamada Ryu is your typical delinquent student who cares little about his peers, keeps getting in trouble and isn't very bright. Shiraishi Urara is a model student who keeps on studying, doesn't socialize and barely emotes at all. One day they both fall from the stairs, accidentally kiss on the way and end up exchanging bodies. And that's just the start of the series. I don't want to tell any more, because it's best to watch it raw. One thing I can say is that there are seven girls with odd powers, Shiraishi being only the first one they encounter. That counts for magical girls, right?

How's that for a pisspoor explanation? Trust me, it's best going in blind, as the initial few episodes are really good about showing the mystery of the Seven Witches. So yeah, it's another one of those "barely a magical girl at all" shows that I seem to be covering way too many of recently, but this one caught me by surprise in a few ways.

First of all, even though the anime (highly recommended, it's very good) is only 12 episodes long, the manga goes for frigging 200+ chapters! What I watched wasn't even half of the story. But wait, there's more- there is a live-action adaptation! I haven't seen much of it, but it looks pretty faithful and I might watch it at some point (I do love a good j-drama). The author also made another title I quite enjoyed- Flunk Punk Rumble (sometimes known as Delinquent Boy and Glasses Girl), which also had a live-action version that was pretty cool, though I couldn't find later episodes. But back to Yamada-Kun...

It's a school life mystery with elements of supernatural, but it's well executed amd very charming. I kinda wish I watched it back in the day as it was airing, instead of watching it for this chapter. Yes, I watched it for a chapter alone, how's that for dedication? And all because the opening theme (linked above) turned on my recommendations on youtube. Say what you want about "the algorithm", it didn't led me astray yet.

I was this close to giving up and just skipping this show for the chapter title entirely (I mean, the title is PERFECT for it!), but then, in the middle of first episode no less, something happened. Just a warning, spoiler for latest chapters of Magical Girl Sunny, in case you decided to read it out of order.

This guys over here...

Miyamura Toranosuke is a pretty cool character... who also looks ALMOST EXACTLY like I imagined my version of Sombra! So yeah, if you wanted a visual representation of how our current villain is supposed to look like, this is him, maybe slightly shorter. And that's after I spent a bunch of time online looking for a model when I was first imagining Sombra. If that's not destiny, than... it's probably a coinkidink.

Or is it?

Go watch/read Yamada-Kun, it's good. Also watch/read Delinquent Boy and Glasses Girl. They're both made by a guy who used to be Hiro Mashima's assistent (author of Fairy Tail and Eden Zero), but ended up making way better things than his mentor, but getting less recognition for it.

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Comments ( 5 )

I love this series!!!

I finished watching this one just last week! :raritystarry:

I was a little disappointed that some of the witches practically ceased to exist once their stories were done, but there was limited screentime and things ended well enough, so I can't complain too much. :eeyup:

I was bummed by the latter parts too, but that's what you get when you adapt 230 chapters into a 12 episode series.

Sounds interesting, might put it on my (too long) watch it later-list.
I might have mentioned it before but I always imagined Sombra like Nagito Komaeda from Danganronpa.
They do look similar...

Definitely one of the better anime I've watched. I tried reading the manga but got bored.

I'd love to see a Yamada and the Six Elements fanfic.

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