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Barley Citrus

I write about the countless coital encounters between humanoid horsies, anthropomorphous equines and at least passably bipedal pony people... Also, I really fuckin like Equestria Girls my dudes.

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There's More To Lipstick On Its Way!!! · 8:55pm January 9th

So, for those who don't know yet
There is, in fact, a sequel coming for Lipstick
Multiple sequels in fact
But the next one, called Friends, will release This Friday

And I've decided to just focus on these stories for now
So I will be releasing a new chapter to this Ongoing Continuity Every Friday
It'll probably last through February roundabouts, there are several installations
I'll mostly refer to it as the Friends With Benefits Continuity
So If you enjoyed Lipstick please stick around and subscribe so you can get the full story

For the few of you wondering
I have already released a story or two out of order
But Lipstick is the beginning, so as I go I will clarify the order of previous stories

But until then
Enjoy a preview of the next one

Chapter 1 of Friends


Rarity gasped softly as Twilight hugged her from behind, feeling the girl’s full erection twitching against her rear. “Oh, you poor dear. I’ll try to be qui-”

Twilight grabbed her by the arm, suddenly dragging her out of the locker room.

“Darling, no. I cannot just go out in this outfit.”

“It won’t be on you for long.”

“Twilight, I understand your issue, but-”

“I have just the place in mind.”

Rarity gave up her struggle and gained a small grin as she was lead along by her eager friend. The two poked their heads into the hallway, confirming that they were empty and walking briskly out, Twilight in the lead. After just a few seconds, Twilight stopped them at a very nearby door and Rarity took a moment to register their position with a deep frown.

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Comments ( 2 )

Oooh nice!

Ye, it's pretty lit
Hope you enjoy

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