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Shit forgot the lipstick! · 7:10pm Dec 28th, 2018

Ey, I usually like to preview the next thing that I release
But this time I just forgot...
So, like, any second now my new story Lipstick will be posted
It's probs my favourite story I've posted so far
So go and check it out!


Don't Keep Me Waiting, Darling · 7:19pm January 2nd

Well shit,
Lipstick ended up getting some good attention to start with
I'm pretty glad about that because there's plenty more of it on the way
This little series is my favourite stuff I've written so far so I hope you enjoy it

I will almost definitely release Chapter 2 on Friday
This will be the Final Chapter of Lipstick
But there is a longer sequel coming just next week
If you're enjoying this one, please stay tuned
Lots of fun stuff in store

And until then

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Sequel to Friends and Closer (Friends With Benefits) · 7:45pm February 6th

Hey, so new story coming out This Friday
The next installment in the Friends With Benefits continuity
And this one picks back up the RariTwi plot thread with some things I set up in Friends

If you haven't read Friends or aren't aware of the Friends With Benefits continuity
Check it out starting with Lipstick
And get caught up for its continuation in Benefits

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Benefits :: New Chapter :: Friends With Benefits · 10:20pm February 20th

Alright, the New Chapter is nearly ready
You can expect it to come out This Saturday
While I'm at it, I'm going to switch its regular release to Saturday each week
So I hope you subscribe if you haven't and keep tuning in

If you've just gotten into the story via Benefits or A Closer Look
Be sure to check out the full continuity starting with Lipstick

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The Sequel To Benefits (Friends With Benefits) · 7:03pm March 10th

As I'm sure some of you already know
The sequel to Benefits is actually Already Out
So if you haven't already, go read it:: The Fire Is So Delightful
And if you have already read it, then give it a second read
You'll likely get more out of it now that you have the full context
And my next story Will be set after it, chronologically

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There's More To Lipstick On Its Way!!! · 8:55pm January 9th

So, for those who don't know yet
There is, in fact, a sequel coming for Lipstick
Multiple sequels in fact
But the next one, called Friends, will release This Friday

And I've decided to just focus on these stories for now
So I will be releasing a new chapter to this Ongoing Continuity Every Friday
It'll probably last through February roundabouts, there are several installations
I'll mostly refer to it as the Friends With Benefits Continuity

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Friendship with Updates:: Updates with Benefits · 1:48pm Saturday

Hey, so I probably should have blogged this earlier
But, there is no new chapter this week
It's just coming along a little slowly is all
It should be out next week.

In case you missed it, the most recent story in this continuity is not Benefits
It's The Fire Is So Delightful, and my next story will be a sequel to this, so go give it a read

If you haven't read the full Friends With Benefits continuity yet

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The Sequel to Friends and to Lipstick · 5:05pm January 22nd

The next installment in the Friends With Benefits continuity is releasing This Friday
This one is called Closer
And this is the first installment that doesn't focus on Raritwi
Closer starts right where Friends ends
And it picks up with Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer

And on the odd chance that you're here and don't know about the continuity
It's still early, so jump right in starting with Lipstick

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Alone Together (Lipstick/Friends) · 9:37pm January 16th

Alrighty, New Chapter coming This Friday
Once again, Friends itself will be complete with CH2
But there is plenty more story to go with its sequel coming next week
There's still lots of story left to be told
If you're enjoying the story so far, let me know
I love to hear how people think about my story as it unfolds

This next chapter will set up where the next couple of sequels start
So get ready for it
Releasing this upcoming Friday
Friends Chapter 2

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I Forgot To Blog About The New Chapter Again!!! · 9:16am March 2nd

Chapter 3 of Benefits is coming out later Today
So I'll just skip the preview this time
It's probably my favourite chapter so I hope you're excited

If you haven't read the full continuity up to this point
Go check it out starting with Lipstick

In a couple of days, I'll also be releasing a new deleted scene
It's a smaller one from CH2

If you have any questions about anything
Feel free to ask them here


A Closer Look (Friends With Benefits) · 3:30pm January 29th

New Chapter of Closer coming
Expect it to be out This Friday
I hope you're enjoying this little ShimmerDash story

And if by chance you're not aware of it's larger continuity
Jump in while it's still early starting with Lipstick

So get ready for Chapter 2 of Closer
And until then
Here's a little preview


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Benefits Upates and Deleted Scenes · 8:22pm February 14th

Ey, so Benefits Chapter 2 will not be here tomorrow
Small delay, doing some last minute majour rewrites
I don't want to rush things, so I'm just going to release it Next Week
Tomorrow I am going to release a compilation fic for Deleted Scenes
Not necessarily for Deleted Scenes for the Friends With Benefits continuity
Just scrapped scenes from throughout my work in general
Just kind of a weird update here, but

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Benefits:: Unitl Tomorrow:: Final Chapter (Friends With Benefits) · 1:34am March 7th

Alright, New Chapter is on course
It should be out This Saturday
This is going to be the Final Chapter of Benefits
But of course, there is still more story to come
This is far from the end of the Friends With Benefits continuity

And if You've only just started reading from A Closer Look or Benefits

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