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Why I Died · 5:20am Dec 5th, 2018

So you might have noticed that I haven't been posting a lot in a while, also haven't been streaming for a while.

So you all know I was working night manager at my Dairy Queen. I had it pretty good, solid hours, decent pay, made cakes with penises on them. Shit was pretty cash.

My boss decided that it was time to retire since he is in his late 60s and can't keep up like he used to, plus he became a grandfather this year and wanted to be more with his family. I respect that. The people he sold it to seemed to be good people to start off with, wanting to be fully cooperative and making the new guy money. New guy had a perfectly well run store, all he has to do is let us run it and passively get a fuck ton of cash. The morning manager became head manager, I still had my duties and my best friend was going to also be a manager.

The new guy thoroughly fucked the store. To the point where in 90 days I went from loving my job to actual depression. the employees he brought from his other store are unmotivated wastes of space and resources.

He installed cameras all over the store, including the back working areas. He accused my manager of lying multiple times, and wasn't checking his own cameras to see truth because we were criticizing his own employees. We would request oil on our orders and wouldn't get it because he wanted to buy his own oils which were cheaper. He would forget to bring oil and we would be running oils for over a week. We would bring things up and he would make excuse after excuse. He never listened to us, including at staff meetings.

All three of us quit. He dismissed us a week before our two weeks were up. He told my friend he was dismissed over text instead of talking to him. I was at the store, he didn't tell me I wasn't going to be working until I brought it up. He didn't look me in the eye and he was going to wait until I was home before he texted me as well. My friend made a post about it on Google Reviews and he was threatened with libel.

If some reason you see this, everything I have said is factual and backed with evidence. It is not Libel since it is true, and I did not sign an NDA, fuck you. You are a coward. We all like to laugh about how stupid you are and how you are pissing away money. You're a cuck, and we call you it all the time.

Over that time I had to work more day and morning shifts, which decreased my time for Twitch streams. Depression sat in an I just couldn't keep it up anymore.


I have an amazing job as Night Auditor in a hotel! I am currently in training and this place is a dream. I am working full time! I have benefits! Once my three months are up I make over 20 fucking dollars an hour! I GET TO WEAR FANCY CLOTHES.

Unfortunately after training my hours are almost always going to be 11pm-7am shifts. This is definitely going to mess up streaming schedules, but we will see what's up. Not like I can go too many places "mid-day" on my days off when I'll be awake at night until morning.

I of course was too depressed to write, but that's being lifted and I will be writing soon. My focus is on my main job right now since that is my actual money maker and what pays the rent.

So that's the update. Old job sucked now and new job is good. I am no longer with my boi depresso and clop is fun again.

Keep your head up people, you don't know what's around the corner.

New story involving this fine filly:

And this cute girl might get a second chapter

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Comments ( 13 )

Damn, your last boss was a bitch.

Funny, same thing happened to me when I worked at a Dairy Queen, but I left me ba sue the new manager kept harrasing me to works sundays,

What a fuckhead.
Glad you have a new job though, and some nice dosh to get paid as well :twilightsmile:

Glad you're on the right path again.

It seems that the new guy wanted to waste his money instead of making more.:facehoof:

Good riddance o that guy, and I congratulate you on your new job. :pinkiehappy::moustache:

Holy snaps man that's a jank situation. But now I get to say welcome to the night audit life. I'm actually an auditor for a hotel as well in the States. It's a cush as hell job most of the time. Good stuff man.

I’ve had bosses like that asshole you described. As had my father who worked at a Walmart. They don’t last forever. They’ll get shuffled around by their dickhead superiors until they screw up royally and they’ll be thrown under the bus.

In fact, give me the name of that fuckwad and where the Dairy Queen you worked at is. I’ll mention that an annonymous former employee was mistreated. That’s how the word gets out. If not, I understand.

Glad to hear you’re doing better. 😁

I once had an area manager who would only let women book vacation days. Every year it'd be the end of the year and I'd have to just take the taxed AF payout for them. I had 20 vacation days, I think I got to use 2 in my 3 years there. Once she went on mat leave (how anyone could pork that beast was beyond me I proply woulda hit it) we got this guy in who stating sleeping with all the women on our shift and catering to their every need.

Needless to say, that department of Toyota was fucked, once I move to another area everything was smooth as maple syrup drizzling on pancakes.

Glad you got out of that situation. Sucks when you get dicked around like that.

TFW the 'cool old boss' retires, and 'arrogant, incompetent newblood' replaces them. Good to hear that you escaped that situation.

Happy thing worked out in the end,man.

Good to hear you found a job you like, hope the old boss gets what's coming to him

You new job sounds fantastic!

Make sure to pick up blackout curtains and maybe blue-blocking glasses (if you can afford it. They're also great for reducing eye-strain while gaming, double value!) to try and preserve your sleep.

The job pays well, but extended night shifts are a recognized carcinogen. No joke. Stay safe, kids, sleep well.

Well you seem like a nice enough person, good luck with your new job, and enjoy the rest of your day...

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