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Okay that is the oddest but funniest idea for a story I have ever seen.

You silly pervert!

That really was funny!

*Looks a title*
*Looks at summary*
This feels familiar...
*Looks at Similar list and sees "Leg Humper" story*
Ah, there it is

I, for one, approve of the Tank x Mitch McConnell ship.

And I read it. Read the summary, knew what it was coming and I read it.

Great job, unbelievabl funny

I don't know how to describe what I just have read... this will take a special place in my memories :D

Took me a while between reading this and moving it to my library, I'm still laughing.
And, of course, the obligatory video at the end to lat everyone know what sounds were made.

He must have been at it all day. Each round gives maybe a single milliliter of issue, to fill a slipper... 😊:rainbowwild:

42 H's? And here I thought Thirty H's was pushing things.

*insert slipper/stripper pun that I can't think of right now*


i cant
i just cant

I’ve seen a video where Mr. Attenborough is narrating a turtle humping a shoe. I also can’t unhear Tank with a smoky and earthy voice.

Might I request a sequel where he cheats on the slipper with a toaster?

Ahhh. How did I not see that coming from the title

passion between a turtle

C'mon, Priest, you know better. He's a tortoise.

But take my like.


That was... um... ... ... ... Nope :eeyup:, I have no idea.

I already knew the reference before reading the story. Not sure what that says about me, but this was delightful for all the wrong reasons. Thank you for it.

I came....

...by to see if this was any good. And you know what? I think this is ten minutes of my life well spent. Bravo, chief!

-Rainbow has cute little turtle slippers
-She also has vastly cuter custom made Rainbow slippers for tank, so they can be twins
This is my headcanon now.

How did I not know that?! Too cute.

And her soft hole accepts me like a new pair of shoes. A perfect fit.

The entire "all those slipper-like qualities are endearing for a female tortoise" made this story fairly cute.

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