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I'm a Proud ABDL mommy. Writer of padded pony fics, a lot of fics about Shining Armor and his mom, several about Rainbow Dash and her family, and far more mom stories than you can imagine.

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Mommy- A Look Into My Heart · 3:08pm Oct 24th, 2018

Wow guys! My story "Mommy" has only been up a few hours and it's already gotten so many likes, comments, and favorites! I'm so glad you guys are enjoying it so far!

Like the fanfic "One More Day", "Mommy" was a look into myself. "One More Day" captured the essence of the kind of relationship that I feel I have with my baby girl as an ABDL Mommy, but "Mommy" itself was slightly different for me. To me, it captured that beautiful moment in parenthood when you finally hear your child call you Mommy. For me, it was an experience I'll never forget. The first time it happened in a text it sent chills down my spine, but when I actually heard my baby girl say that word to me aloud, it was hands down one of the greatest moments of my life. The only thing that even came close to matching that moment was when I got to meet my baby girl in person for the first time.

Allow me to elaborate on this: My baby girl lives almost 2,000 miles away from me. We're basically at opposite ends of the country. One day I decided I was going to go out and see her, so I hopped on three flights and finally got to meet her in person, as well as her husband and four year old daughter. I will never forget the moment I got to finally see her face in real life instead of pictures, and when I finally got to hug her, it came with it a sense of completeness that I had never known before. I just knew in that moment, that despite what happened to me before, and no matter what came next, this was my touch of heaven. I only got to stay for a day or so, and we didn't get to do any of her favorite little activities together, but being with her and spending time with her was everything to me.

"Mommy" for me touched on that place inside where there is boundless joy and happiness in just one simple word. I've always felt that words are important (I mean, look at me, I'm a writer.), but there is no sweeter word than hearing the acknowledgment by your baby that you are their parent. To me, that's everything. This story was me going back to the moment that made her my everything. It was and still is the best day of my life. Being a parent, even if you aren't considered to be one by some because of something as trivial as biology, is a gift. It's a part of me that's ingrained in me as much as my name. When I look at my little girl, I see my future, and I see hope. That is what every parent feels when they look at their child. That is what Twilight sees when she looks at Spike. Her feelings and spirit in the story really touched me, because I know exactly how she feels.

Twilight loves Spike. Just like I love my baby girl. And in the end, love is what we remember.

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Awww, thanks for giving me credit. So many feels and so much fluffy cuteness

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