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Random Ramblings CCXCIX · 10:45am Aug 3rd, 2018

So this happened a few days ago and didn't show up on my feed for some reason. It's a short teaser.

The full video will probably come out when the album does in a couple of weeks. So…

I went to the gym tonight for about half an hour or so -- gotta get into some semblance of shape even though I'll probably never earn another girlfriend before I die. Actually, it's to try and fix my shoulder I fucked up two years ago while loading things. Acupuncture hasn't helped (I'm too much of a skeptic), so building up the muscle itself seems like a logical option. After getting back home, I took a shower and a story idea popped into my brain. Bear with me because this will probably make even less sense to you than it did to me...

A story of exactly one thousand words. Twilight is main character. Everyone in Ponyville is quite literally insane. District Attorney Pinkie Pie wants to prosecute Rarity for drugging Sweetie Belle. Rarity's only appearance is to walk across the scene and yell out seven curse words (an updated version of George Carlin's original since one of his was redundant and at least one other is no longer bleeped). Fluttershy randomly appears and wants to tickle Twilight, which freaks Twilight out. Technology is out of whack with everything I've ever written up to this point -- there's television. Settings might randomly change for no reason. Circular narration if I have room for it.

Bonus points if you, my followers, know which badfic author I'm blatantly ripping off here.

No one wants to read the stories I put effort into anymore? Fine. Fine! Then I'll give you the worst story I can write.

Before that of course will be Post Three Hundred in which two characters get it on.

I think my frustration over not having a partner has worn away what little sanity I had left. I fill the void in my life by dropping hundreds of dollars on CD and Bluray imports from Japan. Granted these are one-time purchases, just like my home repair is a one-time big expenditure and after that I won't need to worry. Shit from Japan is expensive, yo. Even before shipping is factored in. I am hoping the first of my orders ships soonish, as I had to pay via Paypal so they already have my money. At least Amazon (both US and JP) don't charge you until your order ships.

Once my stuff arrives, I will be a very happy camper. I will have more Babymetal Live Blurays (currently I only have Budokan) and every studio album from Perfume plus a few Blurays of some of their live shows. I wanted to buy Sakura Gakuin stuff but that proved difficult so I didn't bother. I may have to resort to piracy for even more of that. Gaben did say piracy happens due to service problems.

I also went to the comic shop today and bought my usual haul. Didn't cost as much as I expected this time. So yay.

We're still trying to set up a schedule on when my windows, doors, & siding replacement work will start. They tried to do it last month when I didn't have the money despite the work order specifically saying not to start until second week of August.

I don't even care about trying to get this blog posted at a 15-minute interval. I'ma just post it once it's done.

Tomorrow (today?) night I get to take my cousin and aunt out for their birthday dinner at the nice Italian restaurant not too far from where I live. Great place, but expensive if you drink, which everyone in my family except me (and my dad by doctor and court order) does. Four people. This will run well over a hundred dollars especially if the ladies get booze.

So... yeah. That's how it is. Look forward to my next rounds of word-barf sometime this weekend.

Peace out!

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I recommend physical therapy. I hurt my back awhile back while helping build a set because I pushed my back too hard for too long. After taking the entire set down I felt like I was paralyzed with pain. I tried massages for awhile, which helped a little, then chiropractice which helped a little. But it really started getting better when I went to physical therapy and building the muscles back up like you said.

I have no idea if that's a story I would read or not. Maybe since it sounds so absolutely batshit insane if you put work into it.

Someone recently came to me with a story request and I might actually do it for them. It's erotic though but hey, w/e right? At least someone wants to see more of my work.

Sorry your loneliness is hurting you so much. :( Hope the Birthday goes well! :O


Maybe since it sounds so absolutely batshit insane if you put work into it.

The whole point is that I plan to put ZERO work into such a story, in honour of the writer I'm ripping off who never puts any effort into his "stories". Batshit insanity was my stock-in-trade twenty years ago when I did comics, and I've been practicing to try and get back some of the nuttiness my work had back when I was younger and… well, just as pessimistic, but not as jaded. More creative.

Since almost no one reads me anymore, I'm gonna just write badfics from now on. I doubt folks'll care. Fortunately, I still have a backlog of not-bad stories to balance out whatever I barf out in future.

Ah man, for what it's worth, I'm still out here in the aether. I'll confess that I'm behind on your latest stories, but then I'm behind on pretty much anything released in 2018 at this point. :raritydespair: Been on my own weird kind of journey back to "normal" since the middle of last year. I'll get there.

I'll care. :( But I know that just seems like one person in a sea of people.

I appreciate that. :twilightsmile:

Thing is, Comma Comma was my first attempt at a badfic. It has a ≥90% positive score, meaning I failed. Of course my tongue was lodged firmly in cheek with that story. Honestly it would be with any intentionally "bad" story I try to write. I'm just tired and want to do something insane. It's easy to be surreal or stupid in comics. More difficult in prose.

The best way to be genuinely bad in writing is to write bad. Even shitty material can be good if written well. Cringey material is harder to make good though.

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