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Catch GaryOak at Bronycon 2018! · 10:50pm Jul 13th, 2018

At long last, Bronycon finally published its schedule. What's better than a GaryOak fanfiction panel? How about back-to-back GaryOak fanfiction panels?

In a surprising, but awesome, turn of events, the second panel I submitted, "Research is Magic!" was accepted off the wait list, bringing my panel appearances up to three, which is the most I've been on during a single Bronycon. I'd love it very much if all of you who were able to come to Bronycon would pull up a chair and hear what my fellow panelists and I have got to say on the subjects.

Alicorns, Amulets, and Antagonists: Writing an Effective Villain -- Friday, 10:45-11:45 PM, Hall of the Moon
Panelists: GaryOak, Shakespearicles, GaPJaxie, and Pen Stroke
"It isn't always clear what makes a great villian. There are some bad horses out there, and this panel will help you write them."

Research is Magic! -- Saturday, Midnight - 1:00 AM, Hall of the Sun
Panelists: GaryOak, Shakespearicles, GaPJaxie, and Horse Voice
"Doing research is an essential part of writing, and it is important to know your material. Fandom authors are here to help you use your knowledge to draw a reader in."

50 Shades of Neigh Darker -- Saturday, 7:00-8:00 PM, Hall of Chaos
Panelists: Shakespearicles, Shandy Shakes, and GaryOak
"The smash-hit panel returns. Come laugh and learn how to write better pony erotica."

This will mark the first time I've done a panel after midnight that required me to be sober. This should be interesting.

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Comments ( 5 )

I'll try and make it to at least one of those at the con. :rainbowdetermined2:


Unfortunately I've confirmed that I definitely won't be able to make it this year, due to school. Next year, maybe.

What's better than a GaryOak fanfiction panel?

One I can attend! :fluttershysad:

Enjoy the con, though!

Hope to see you there!
If only, if only. :raritydespair:
Ow. Right in the feels.

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