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The 2nd Session notes and details. · 5:56am Jun 27th, 2018

Freaking. Yak.

I didn't make up most of his jokes. Those were right out of the player's mouth. He really did say "Yak will sleep with Pony." He really did attack the unlocked door after it was already being opened. Tiny really did challenge the Yak to a damage-off on the Helmed Horror (the animated armor, none of them were able to identify it) Red won. (It was resistant to physical damage, not Fire)

I had built that dungeon with the Naga (the snake thing) with the thought they would try to sneak through to get the drop on whatever was in there. (I even planned an alarm in another room if they wandered into it) Then the Yak happened.

Stealth? Subtlety? What's that?!

Freaking. Yak.

I was also terrified upon looking at what spells the Naga had that it was going to utterly flatten these guys. Then Tiny happened, and I remembered just how much pain a (hasted) melee focused hexblade can output. He nearly killed it in two rounds of combat, at which point it made the sensible decision to Dimension door the hell out of there.

If it looks like Red was the MVP of this session, then good news, you're right! She's done about half the damage of the whole party, and Dispel magic was essential to dealing with the dominated Ormr. Meanwhile Eclipse didn't get to do anything exciting, just shielded the others during the fights, and saved their bacon using counterspell as the Naga was about to ruin everypony's day with a Lightning Bolt. He would have stopped it from escaping too, if he'd been in position to see it cast.

The Encounter with the Griffons was there pretty much entirely so I could get Ormr into the party, because he wasn't in the first session. I even had to bring in more of them so the fight wouldn't be over before the Yak arrived. With a real tank in the party I wounded Rampart because he was an NPC and no longer needed. He'll be out of the next two sessions as well.

Speaking of, both the next two sessions were short and not all that much actually happened in terms of talking and things. (Which is where most of the length of the story is coming from) So the next update will probably be sooner than a week, and may be a single update for both of them.

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