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Out of time · 5:52pm Apr 24th, 2020

I have something of a confession to make.

I’m not done with The Ash of Fallen Stars. Oh, I’ve marked it as complete, and it’s reached *an* end. When I first started to post it I had 19 weeks before I was going to post the last chapter. I thought that was plenty of time to add more. Oh, silly me. Here we are those 19 weeks later, and I’ve not made nearly enough progress to warrant posting it.

Now what do I do? My current plan is to start a new story, but that’s complicated by not being sure how I want to do said story. For those who paid attention to the timelines of both The Mask of Despair and Fallen Stars may have figured out that they take place more or less simultaneously. Both were taking place somewhere mid to late season 7. I plan to continue the story beyond that point, which means I need to cover the events of the Season 7 finale and the movie. I know what I want to do but still haven’t gotten around to writing it. I really thought I'd be past that point by now... but as the title of this blog points out, I’m out of time.

Things happened, they got in the way, and of course, my "great demons" have returned. These days going by the names of Warframe, Path of Exile, Stellaris, and Bannerlord. At this point, even though I think they’re all great games, I can’t in good conscience recommend any of them. (especially Warframe and Path of Exile, they are far too grindy.) You might think the Pandemic might give me more time to write… but well… my demons make that problematic. This doesn’t even go into my other obligations.

At least I’ve got some consolation prizes: Ash of Fallen Stars is no longer my least popular story. Mask of Despair quietly crept up past 400 views. And… uh. Yeah, that’s it.

Oh! Look what I made: (not great quality…) It's not hard to guess which scene this is.

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Oh, easy. That’s the scene were Sable and Twilight are galloping on the rainbow road to reach Despair and defeat him!

Yup, I even linked to that exact chapter. I could not get them to look right, I didn't include either's wings, or Sable's coat. I ran out of time for that too.

Gah, it's really been a month since I published the last chapter?! Ugh, I feel behind on everything.

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