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Gosh darnit. · 3:09am Jun 27th, 2018

I'm nearing the end of my list of Pony-Me chapter names, even though I'm hardly close to finishing the story. :facehoof:

Suggestions, anyone?

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How about 'Open Your Mind' ' 'All That Glitters' 'Is Not Gold' ( if you have a chapter that involves a bit of deception)

'Darkest Before The Dawn' etc.

Granted I haven't read the story yet, might check it out...right now just looking at the blo...I mean just doing nothing.

"Open your mind" is the closest thing that fits into the titles.

Here's the current chapters all in order.

Wake up.

Take a look around.

The world is calling.

There's so much to see,

So much to hear.

There's new people to meet,

And old friends to greet.

You'll never know what's in store,

If you never open the door.

You have the power.

It's your choice.

Forge your own path,

Be your own guide.

The road is never smooth,

You are not alone.

More than what meets the eye,

There is always the unknown.

The truth may be hard,

Reassemble the puzzle.

Give it some thought.

The past never dies.

A brief glimpse is all it takes,

Now, there's a choice to make.

Go home...

Or go on...

There's a greater world out there.


Expand your horizons.

Currently, the story is focused on opening up the wider story universe and fleshing out both the characters and underlying lore.

Just sum up the theme of the chapter in one or two words.

But then it wouldn't match up with the rest of the titles. I've been writing chapters around the theme of the chapter titles, not the other way around.

Then just page through a few books and find some chapter names to rework.

That doesn't quite work as well as you might think.

Truth that hits close to home,
Long will you roam,
Winding turns will blind,
Until you find,
Peace of mind.
Accept your lot,
Change for naught,
The path is blurred,
You haven't heard,
Will not find haven,
Run little craven,
Nowhere is safe.


Nowhere is safe

That turned dark quickly.

Well... seems you're suffering some technical derpiculties.

Oi I see, now I'm interested.

I shall speed read this story...today.:yay:

Oh boy.

(I'm also working on an original file tipn adaptation of Pony-Me called "My Own Reality".)

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