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So I found something in my files that's relevant to my Rogue Galaxy LP.. · 8:53am Jun 19th, 2018

So it turns out I wrote up a complete MST of the plot of Rogue Galaxy at some point and completely forgot about it.

It has to have been between 2012 and 2014, because it references MLP:FiM at least twice.

Since I'm playing and vlogging this game right now and I know a lot of you are more likely to read a series of pithy prose blogs you can read in 10 minutes than to watch hours of gameplay video, I'm going to post this entire MST here on FiMF.

Given the sheer massive length of this thing, I'm going to post it in roughly four installments, beginning shortly. Warning: This MST gives away THE ENTIRE PLOT of Rogue Galaxy, so if you're watching my playthrough and want to get invested in the plot as it unfolds, you MIIIIIIIIIIIGHT wanna skip reading these for now.

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