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Hello everypony and welcome. Hope you enjoy my stories.

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Irony · 9:46pm Jun 7th, 2018

I just noticed that the longest chapter of the entire story is my 'Flashback' Chapter, that I added as like an interlude to give the readers something.

Yeah your awful Chief. Can't you ever write a complete chapter? I mean seems to be very jerky storyline wise.

*progressively sinks deeper into chair letting out a couple whimpers* Bu...But I....I can't write the filler of the story because I always over explain everything or I keep looking for problems that aren't there, fix them and actually create problems! *starts to cry in self hatred*

*Trots to chief and gives them a much needed hug with a couple of nuzzles thrown in* Now now, don't be so hard on yourself I'm sure you'll figure something out. I mean look at what you wrote last year and compare it to our new story. I mean that story had 4.5 thousand words, yet no one liked it. This story started off with 1,008 words on that first day and it was a hit! Now look at it over 3 thousand words with hundreds of views, over 30 likes, and 25 comments!

*calmed down with only a few sniffles here and there* Yeah your right! I may not feel like I deserve so much positive feedback or just general attention but if ponies like my story then by Luna's sexy flanks I will keep going! *ends speech standing in a dramatically victorious pose*

*sighs and facehoofs* Okay cool it you idiot no need to charge in .....blindly. *trails off noticing Chief is no longer there*

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