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  • Thursday
    Trixie Story Scraps, Part 2

    I think this is going to be the last of what I share from this project's leftovers; of the two iterations of the scene that follows what I posted last time, I think this one stands on its own better, has fewer spoilers (but I still can't post the whole thing), and, despite what I thought last night when I only

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  • Thursday
    Trixie Story Scraps, Part 1

    So, I've once again picked up an idea I've had with the intent of writing it. It's a three- or four-year-old idea and the scraps are from 2017. Since then, I'd like to think both that I've gotten better at writing and that I have a better idea for how to tackle this one. You can get the first scrapped scene below the break; the following scene actually got written twice, so I first need to

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  • 3 weeks
    For the Glory of All Yaks

    The title of this post is apparently what "For the Benefit of Yaks" translates to in French. Well, maybe not perfectly, but I approve regardless.

    I mention this because For the Benefit of Yaks has actually been translated into French!

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  • 21 weeks
    Story Notes - For the Benefit of Yaks

    Admiral Biscuit does it all the time, so why shouldn’t I?  Unlike him, though, I’m not good at finding cute ponies to space things out with, so have a picture of the cover.  Again.

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  • 51 weeks
    The Most Important Thing?

    In the last year, I've finally acknowledged the obvious: There is a difference between "I want to write but don't have much time" and "I write despite the fact that I don't have much time".

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Small Update · 2:11am Jun 4th, 2018

Two things:

First, I'm definitely still going to have to think some more about the series of editing blog posts before I delve into writing them. At that point, we'll see if that works out at all.

Second, I figure I'd let anyone interested know that I'm working on writing an Unhinged entry... and a concurrent blog post detailing how I write them. Chances are, the blog post will be way longer than the entry itself.

Here's hoping I can get (and keep) things moving. I have no ETA for either.

That is all.

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