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Odd little things · 10:58am May 11th, 2018

I was recently looking at the character page for Dinky, because I’m considering having her appear in a future chapter (maybe more), on the MLP wiki when I noticed something in the opening paragraph. Aside from the placeholder name of “Dinky Doo” it stated that throughout the course of the series she has appeared with several different cutie marks and has been a member of all three main tribes of pony, they even have the images to prove it. Now, it isn’t uncommon for background characters to have some inconsistency, even if they’re more primary characters that have been placed in the background, but for a character to have such an extensive level of variation throughout the life of the show is still an amazing achievement in and of itself. She seems to most consistently be a unicorn, but it’s still interesting to have found all this out.

I just noticed this, mostly because I really haven’t looked at her page on the wiki before now, and thought it would an interesting tidbit to share. Thoughts?

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Comments ( 4 )

That sounds like the beginning of an intriguing story plot

If you think so then go for it, it would probably be interesting to see a story of that nature. I don’t think there are all that many stories on this site that deal with that sort of thing.

Lol, if I had any writing talent I would. But I’m just an editor

Ps: Thanks for the follow

you’re welcome. And I wasn’t all that good at writing to begin with either, writing fan fiction stories helped me become a better writer. You probably do have some talent, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to spot little problems like you do

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