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Writing is my passion... same with Coke Cola, Video Games, and Off-brand Anime

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  • 27 weeks
    Hello, Hello!

    I'm back, sorta... been dealing with life and all the shit that has occured that happened the past year. My drive for writing died, and my frustration for the events made it impossible to take it back up. I've been working on a story I want to write for Fanfiction that involves a reincarnator that woke up in a world that is a mix of both the Harry Potter verse *cough* original *cough* and the

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    Boom! Another one!


    Go, another chapter out!

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  • 61 weeks

    I'm going to be offline for a while, about a month or two at most, while I get my new place set up. So, the next few chaps of Last Sunset will come out by then, and ya'll get to see Twilight Sparkle have their first battle! Sorry, for making ya'll wait. ;_;

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  • 62 weeks
    Another Last Sunset Chapter is out, and look! That date is fixed!

    So, here is another one. I'm going to sort through my notes for a bit before doing the next chapter which should take to long. It should be out sometime this week if all things go according to plan.

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  • 62 weeks
    Welp, im in trouble again

    For those of you who don't know, but I was homeless for a time. I struggled with a lot of things from getting a job to finding an apartment. Now I'm in this situation again, though, hopefully, not for long. I'm going to have to take a break from writing to get my priorities straightened out once more. (My apartment building went up in flames destroying everything but my data. Than you Google

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BORK! Storms of Cinder. · 2:54am May 1st, 2018

A revised version of The Singer of Storms. coming soon to a website near you! Also, the next chapter of Life at the end of the Rainbow is half-done. Been doing ranked on League of Legends, trying to get to gold this season cause I don't want to be a bronze Scrublord. I'm Silver 3 btw. so I'm almost there.

Storms of Cinder will be very, very different due to the fact that the original was a displaced fic, and I'm unhappy with it. Not because I didn't like the concept, but because it was so cliche in terms of displaced fics. And I kinda wanted to do something else but didn't know what to do for the looooooooooooongest time. So, I've redone it to something more along the lines of Star Eater in terms of world style. There aren't many stories where Equestria was populated with humans. Lots of anthro, but very, very few human based.

In the year 2026, and Fully Immersive Virtual Reality became a commercially viable reality. People all over the world began using this technology for things such as Advanced Neurological Science, Creating True Artificial Intelligence, living a Second Life, School, Video Games, and a variety of other types of entertainment. Reality became naught but a hindrance to everyday life, and civilization gradually transformed into a Virtual existence.

Several centuries later, in the year 2839, the majority of the human population lives on the moon. The Earth, after decades of war, disease, famine, and destruction, became near inhospitable to support any form of life. Nuclear Fallout rains over the ruined mega-cities, super-storms cover entire continents, and mutated monstrosities kill everything in sight. Meanwhile, humanity peacefully enjoys their lives in Virtual Reality in complete ignorance of their homeworld.

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im permabanned from league of anger, kinda forgot it was a thing for a while


I'm an Ahri one-trick.

I think you can tell who my one trick was

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