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Author's Notes For ATGE · 6:50am Apr 27th, 2018

Hello there. Thank you for reading my latest entry in Sunset's Recovery Arc. This story has been a long time coming, so I hope you enjoyed it. More explanation past the jump.

Checking my records, I first created the rtf for ATGE in November of last year, though I didn't start working on it in earnest until about a month ago when I moved what little I had to gdocs (thanks, new lappy!).

Anyway, unlike most of my stories, where I can't be sure of the title until the last minute, this one has had its title from conception, and the title drop at the end was also planned from the start. Yes, it all came to me during one of my own walks in the park, which I do to try and maintain what little sanity I have left.

Originally, I assumed this story would be a third-person narrative except for Sunset's dream -- which was based on one I actually had (does anyone else have a recurring nightmare about forgetting to drop a class and suddenly it's April and you're shit outta luck? just me?) -- but I decided first-person was better. The story then quickly devolved into Sunny going into a stream-of-consciousness.

A 5,750-word Burritoverse-style rant, if you will.

One of the main reasons I wrote this story -- well, there are two. First was I wanted to show Sunset on the mental mend, which is crucial for her mindset in the final two SRA stories, which I've already completed but need to re-edit. Second is that I felt I needed to lay some crucial plot crumbs so that some events in the final two stories don't feel like they come right the hell out of nowhere. Yes, surprisingly enough considering how ad-hoc and out of order much of SRA has been, there IS method to my madness, and the stories since Reconciliations have been carefully (by my standards) constructed to build upon one another until the resolution.

We're coming down to the end, folks.

I saw a comment on a random story I read from an irate reader. He said:

*bangs fist on table* Do! Not! Put! Cliffhangers! In! One-Shots!

I thought, "Well, fuck. You're gonna really hate Sunset's Recovery Arc then." I almost commented something to that effect, but held my tongue.

I've given my reasons for WHY this series works better as a collection of short stories rather than one big work, and I'm not about to change my mind at this point. That said, the last two SRA stories will be multi-chapter. However, I will almost certainly upload all chapters of each story at once... unless someone is willing to give me a good reason why I shouldn't.

You might be wondering: Soufrière, what are you going to do after SRA is finished?
I'm wondering: Will anyone care about anything I write after SRA is finished?

The Burritoverse isn't close to complete yet, though I'm slowly working on Sci-Twi's story. After that will be either Octavia's stalled story or Sonata getting her job at the Barn. Then, that series of stories will end too, with Sonata and Sunset meeting again.

By the time I'm through with all that, well... who knows. There are many things I want to do. I should rewrite my novelization of Anon-A-Miss so it's not breaking Rule 2… OR, I could publish it as-is in my blogs. Which would you prefer? I genuinely want your opinion.

Anyway, that's all the brain dump I can come up with for now. Thanks again for sticking with me for the past 2+ years, and I hope you'll enjoy what I have planned for the end.

Peace out!

Comments ( 5 )

We have your mayor mare stories to look forward to after SRA and the Burritoverse conclude, plus the Grammarverse installment. And you'll undoubtedly come up with something else to write too, so I'm not concerned about content. It'll be entertaining regardless. Though maybe not traditionally.

Anon-a-miss... is it just me or has that made a resurgence recently? Depending on how long it is my opinion for the posting method changes. I guess you could always share the rtf on a blog if you don't want to rewrite it for rules-ness

I have no idea what's up with the surge in Anon-A-Miss stories lately. Makes me feel behind the times, even though I wrote mine during a lull and have sat on it for a year.

Mine is a full-on conversion of the original 48-page comic to prose form, with certain scenes altered or added to repair plot holes so as to fit it in the timeline between EQG1 & EQG2 as was originally intended. I also expanded the single-page Sunset/Trixie encounter for ship-tease goodness. In short, it is a "Fix-Fic". I worry it breaks Rule 2 because the majority of spoken dialogue is still Ted Anderson's, although everything else is mine.

The story as it sits right now on gdocs is nearly 13,000 words, broken up into several chapters.

I'm not sure if it's worth modifying to release on Fimfic, then. A gdoc or text file link in a dedicated blog post is a neater idea imo.

It might even serve as a kinda "know your meme" page for anon-a-miss readers without knowledge of the source. Not that it's your intent. Nonetheless, your followers would doubtlessly appreciate your take on the original in a way that can't be expressed adhering to Fimfiction rules.

Y'all will see that story some way, somehow. A dedicated blogpost is a good idea.

The reason I wrote it to begin with is that I had to, because the stories I really want to write heavily reference Anon-A-Miss, so I wanted something written down I could pull quotes and flashbacks from. And, me being me, it turned into a full-on fixfic. I can address this in a near-future blogpost, but here are some key differences between Ted's version and mine:

  • My version is explicitly set before EQG2, and the entire story is rewritten to reflect that
  • Thus, Twilight never corresponds w/ Sunset via magic diary; Sunset reads Celestia's old notes instead
  • In fact, Twilight makes no appearance at all, though she is mentioned many times
  • Sunset keeps a second, non-magic diary that she writes in – or I could make it an audio diary
  • Extra scenes for actual narrative justification as to why the CMC decide to frame Sunset
  • Added scene of Trixie molesting Sunset, because I felt like it (I am a pervert :moustache: )
  • Added scene of the CMC arguing about what they'd wrought before confessing

I also tweaked certain bits of Ted's dialogue for flow and/or to add more information, in addition to more dialogue in general. The story as-is is probably right on the line of passing muster. I maybe could get away with posting it, but I err on the side of caution.

That's a healthy mindset. I look forward to that post, regardless of the nature. Thanks for taking the time to share the details!

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