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    There ARE Horsewords Happening

    I've begun the next chapter, though early into it.

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    Friends with Ponies

    Twilight and Sunset:

    Twilight: "Hey Rarity, can I borrow your hair curler, I can't find mine."
    Rainbow: *eyes widen*

    Pinkie: "Oh my god, I just thought you guys were doing it, I didn't know you were in love!"

    Shining Armor: "What? No, no no no...what are you doing? GET OFF MY SISTEEEEEEEEER!"

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    My thanks to Malcharion for pushing me to the milestone :D

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    Revised Harmony Spirits

    I wanted a full set of these with proper art, so with permissions from mauroz, here they are. A couple effects have been tweaked to be consistent with modern vernacular in the card game and for my own better understanding of card design and balancing, and I also added a new "Tier 1.5" form for Twilight so she can have her own Fusion outside the ace monster, and finally added Sunset as a

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    Go spread the holiday cheer

    My Jinglemas gift was The Hearth's Warming Truce by TheLegendaryBillCipher, go give it a read and leave a comment.

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Everfree Northwest · 8:40pm Apr 15th, 2018

Well, Alby and Oroboro said it. I've been watching prices like a hawk since mid-March waiting for the opportune moment. It's passed, but prices are still in a place where, for the experience of going to Seattle, seeing my first pony convention, and meeting some friends in person, I'll pay.

Drake is going to EFN.

Report DrakeyC · 408 views · #everfree northwest
Comments ( 16 )

Word of advice: Panels are overrated. Hang out with people.

People scare me. I prefer ponies.

Good to see we're on the same boat.

Darnit, I need to get my reservations in today.

Cool, hope to see you all in the Iron Authors comp!

Iron Authors?

Yea, part of the writing track. Think of it like Iron Chef.

You go in, sign up. at the appointed hour the room is given a challenge to write, where you must use 3 words in your story and it must be at least X long (1500 words? I think)

Winner is the person who best uses the words, in a compelling story style. It really is fun and you get to meet a ton of other authors from here and other places.

Hmmmm, interesting indeed. I'll keep an eye out for that, thanks!

Anyone else going to EFNW? I've a discounted sponsor badge for sale


and meeting some friends in person

People scare me


What? All my friends on this site are ponies... aren't you?

You don't mean...




No one knew how to tell you.

I know, it's mind-blowing! I'm ecstatic, mules are way cooler than ponies!



No one tell him about the sheep.

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