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Was Fall of Equestria prophetic, given the Season 8 premier? · 9:21am Mar 26th, 2018

That's not a rhetorical question.

To get everyone up to speed, 'Fall of Equestria' is a series of fanfics that is based on the premise that our beloved Equestria was overrun and conquered by a war-loving, misogynistic, sex-drive tribe of caribou.

It's hard to not infer that the mentality of the caribou is not unlike the 'migrants' that have recently flooded Europe and with the stories of city after city in England having gangs of these 'migrants' sexually grooming thousands of girls over the last four decades in several cities. And if we look back in history, we'll most likely find that the very first group of these 'migrants' came in as students seeking a European quality education, one they could not get in Africa or in the Middle East at that time.

In the season 8 opener Princess Twilight open a school where members of five other nations can attend and learn about friendship, an education they could not get back in their home countries. And the character we are told is the villain is the one Equestrian that seeks to end the school in its infancy.
But what if Chancellor Neighsay saw the dangers of opening Equestria's borders to other nations? What if he saw the caribou coming and he knew that Twilight's school is the perfect way for them to enter?

You can accuse me of making a slippery slope logical fallacy, but given what has been happening in Europe, most noticeable the, let's call it what it is, Rape of Cologne, Germany on New Year's Eve in 2015, reports of which was widespread in social media in January 2016 and everything that led up to it under the policies of open borders under Germany's chancellor, Angela Dorothea Merkel.

As said very prophetically in Captain America: Civil War by the movie's antagonist Helmut Zemo, "An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again. But one which crumples from within? That's dead... forever." What better way for the Caribou to take over Equestria then to send sleeper cells through the Princess of Friendship's new school of friendship, and crumple Equestria from the inside?

This is why you cannot use School Daze as an analogy for international politics because history has already proven time and time again that those who open their borders are swiftly obliterated. Just ask the tribes of peoples native to North America.

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that is sick you know that I don’t like that idea.

Sorry, but your use of the word 'that' is, as it stands, a referenceless pronoun. So could you clarify?

Why do you not want to clarify what you meant by the word 'that'?
Again, as you wrote the word 'that', it is a referenceless pronoun.

While I will admit, on some level you might have a point. I think the purpose of the character of Neighsay was to show those in a position of authority that are so dedicated to methodologies that have become, or are becoming, archaic as the times move on ahead. He’s shown to be the head of the EEA and has a fanatical belief that all schools must follow the EEA’s guidelines. Except there’s one big problem, those guidelines haven’t changed in ages. Celestia outright admits that the same organization was something she had to get on board for her school, which means the institution has been around since some time before the foundations of the school that has her name plastered on it. But we aren’t told, or really shown, what those guidelines beyond what snippets we got in the episode.

We aren’t told about how long the EEA has had its guidelines, but given that the education system in our own world hasn’t really changed since the Industrial era I think it’s safe to say that the EEA has been around since the Industrial Era in our world. But we aren’t told how often they possibly update their guidelines, if that even happens at all.

This means the EEA is operating on oversight of a methodology that is becoming increasingly archaic, Twilight’s guidelines for the School that are shown during the last few minutes of the episode are potentially the first new set of educational instructions Equestria has had established since the founding of the EEA.

So, that begs the question, why is the EEA so fixated on adhering to an increasingly archaic system?

I left a comment you might want to take a look at.


education system in our own world hasn’t really changed since the Industrial era I think

I must beg to differ because increasingly schools in the western world that are government-run or supplemented (via tax-payers) have become more or less places full of Neo-Marxist and Post-Modernist ideologies.

That being said, I do concede that having a mindset solely in older ages is not a good thing. But let's not make an appeal to the modern and accuse the other side of making an appeal to tradition. We should see what works and use that.

Doesn’t any meaning? Why?

Why my symptoms have no meaning to you?

The changes in our education system away from what we had when it was established is something that’s only recently happened, primary through high school are still mostly as they were before all the changes started happening.


Doesn’t any meaning? Why?

What do you mean by that question?

Why my symptoms have no meaning to you?

What? I think you're missing a 'does' between 'Why' and 'my'. But again, when you wrote 'that' in

that is sick you know that I don’t like that idea.

, the word 'that' is a pronoun without a previously established reference. I am asking you to establish what the reference is for the 'that' and/or why you are refusing to establish what the reference is.
You did not establish a reference for the pronoun you used in your initial comment and you are still refusing to establish it after I asked for clarification on what the pronoun is referring to.

maybe, but I don't see those as good changes.

Fine, you caught me, that pronoun was referring to that post to three tall I actually just wanted to be the first person to post something because I actually just want to talk to people and write stories but I don’t know how to start conversations

Okay, I think this could have been avoided if you said in your first post, "I think the idea that 'Fall of Equestria' was prophetic, given the Season 8 premiere, is sick. I don't like it.' or in not so many or in those exact words, but something along those lines would have conveyed your point significantly better than starting the post with the word 'that'.

You know, I wrote somewhere in my blog that this episode unintentionally teaches kids that international political problems can be fixed with friendship and creativity. I took issue with that because the more you widen your scope to bigger and bigger groups of people, the more obvious it becomes how capable people are of committing great evil, many times without even knowing it, and friendship and creativity isn't going to just make that go away. The reason why I didn't write this in my own post is because I didn't want to depress my readers. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who had issues with this episode.

This is why you cannot use School Daze as an analogy for international politics because history has already proven time and time again that those who open their borders are swiftly obliterated. Just ask the tribes of peoples native to North America.

The reason why you can't use this episode as an analogy to real life situation in Europe and US is because there is a difference between cultural exchange and open borders for everyone. School of Friendship just invites a handful of creatures to share pony knowledge (and btw to teach them Equestrian values). Real life SJWs are demanding outright invitation for everyone, including terrorists and people who simply don't want to embrace liberal values (and coming just to get resources granted by social programs).

I was not trying to focus one internally, more of general policy

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