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Taughts on Cozy Glow · 5:31am Sep 29th, 2018

If you haven't seen the season 8 finale early, turn away now. SPOILERS ALERT!

Okay everyone still here has seen it and the ending.

Now I know a lot of people that are not happy with Cozy Glow being locked away in Tartarus. Given that's she seen as a little girl. However, given how much she seems to know and was about to outsmart the Mane 6 and Starlight and how she spoke to Neighsay when she had him chained, I am reminded of a character from the Batman: The animated series, the character being 'Baby-Doll', a woman that suffered from a fictional variation of hypopituitarism, she is the titular character and villain of the episode of the same name.

I think Cozy Glow has a similar type of hypopituitarism. If she does, that one explains how clever she actually is and two allows for her sentence to make more sense. Granted if Hasbro and DHX do declare that to be the case in Season 9, it would count as a retcon, but there is nothing that actually contradicts that in the continuity thus far.


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Yes. I have to admit that what you said very definitely makes sense.

My thoughts on this: Princess Azula eat your heart out. :twilightoops: Dang! She was scary. She's nightmare-worthy. She's magnificent as a villain, but I can't help but hate her. Why? Because she just made two of my favorite things (children and small cute things) absolutely terrifying. To quote Pinkie Tales, "Sweet Celestia! Hide me!" :raritycry:

:applejackconfused:I was talking about my theory that she might have a fictional form of hypopituitarism.

But yes Cozy Glow is now one of the evilest villains in MLP:FiM

Nothing confirms nor denies your theory, and it's definitely plausible.

But what are your thoughts? Does it make sense? Does it cheapen the finale? Does it make more palatable?

It makes sense. It also keeps the finale from being too dark. However, it does absolutely nothing to make Cozy Glow less terrifying.

It makes sense it would explain how she was able to out smart everyone and get in contact with tirek (kinda/sorta)
But I really didn't care that she got locked up in Tartarus but i found it funny because besides tirek all the other villains that looked like adults either ran, was killed, or reformed.


Am I the only one who thinks she should have either been Chancellor Neighsay's pawn or Queen Chrysalis in disguise?

No. You're not (and, personally, I would have preferred the "Chrysalis in disguise" deal myself as that would mean FAR less Villain Decay for Chrysalis) . But since that ISN'T the way the writers went, we have to roll with it.

I am actually glad that Cozy is her own villain, or rather was her own villain in the season 8 finale. It showed that not all the treats that Twilight and Co will face are ultimately threats that came from outside of Equestria.
"What about Starlight, Our Town is located in Equestria?" you might ask. Here's the thing, Starlight had effectively cut herself and her cult off from Equestrian society, thus still from outside of Equestria

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