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I just realized something. · 9:33pm Mar 11th, 2018

I'm running out of ideas for Pony-Me chapter names. I might either have to drop the underlying narrative told through chapter titles or figure out what the rest of the secret story would be about.

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It's an underlying story/poem that the entire story in and of itself is based upon. The thing is, it's becoming harder and harder to come up with chapter names, and combined with my robotics competition, of which the second round of matches comes at the end of this month, I don't really have too much time to give it thought either. The few names I still have floating around honestly would do much better as the names of the final chapters, and every time I've tried to use them I've ended up having to change the name by the end of the chapter simply because the name no longer fit.

just make the chapters longer!

I've been trying that. Don't worry. ^_^

that's not what I meant

longer chapters = less chapters
less chapters = less chapter titles
less titles = less of this problem

Wouldn't be any help as I haven't read the story since chapter 4

No, no. I understood the first time around. Fewer, but longer chapters have the benefit of having longer narratives, and an additional plus of needing fewer chapter titles. I meant that I've been trying for the past few chapters to write something longer. The thing is, before I began this story, my average chapter length for non-comedy stories usually floated around 300-500 words. I've been working on at least doubling that since I started writing this story.

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