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    Story Ideas for 2020!

    Being stuck in the hospital for months due to COVID drove me up the wall. I had little outside interactions aside of T.V. and constantly re-sanitized books. Bleh, the smell of rubbing alcohol burns I tell you! BURNS! It was only until my final few weeks when I got a tablet with a wifi connection that I could interact with the world, which I spent most of my time on Fanfiction.net and Archive of

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    I'm alive! Kinda'...

    Hello hello to anyone reading this! I'm alive... sorta. I caught COVID-19 and was stuck in the hospital for quite a while, but rejoice! I'm ALIVE with fresh new ideas and stuff.

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  • 34 weeks
    Hello, Hello!

    I'm back, sorta... been dealing with life and all the shit that has occured that happened the past year. My drive for writing died, and my frustration for the events made it impossible to take it back up. I've been working on a story I want to write for Fanfiction that involves a reincarnator that woke up in a world that is a mix of both the Harry Potter verse *cough* original *cough* and the

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    Boom! Another one!


    Go, another chapter out!

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  • 69 weeks

    I'm going to be offline for a while, about a month or two at most, while I get my new place set up. So, the next few chaps of Last Sunset will come out by then, and ya'll get to see Twilight Sparkle have their first battle! Sorry, for making ya'll wait. ;_;

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Another Update on The Return of Darkness · 8:41pm Feb 22nd, 2018

I'm working on it, I promise. You can see me updating it live right now if you want. If you see an [RW] beside the chapter name, then that chapter was rewritten and edited and such and such. I'm not going to continue until the entire thing is reworked. Mostly because, if you haven't read an early Blog post, my external HDD where I kept all my data was stolen, which includes story data.



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Anyway, I WILL be working on TROD, and if you want to see the progress, just watch the [RW] in each chapter. F4 is you friend.

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