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Tying Up Loose Ends · 2:47am Feb 10th, 2018

Figured I'd make one more announcement before everything's taken care of:

A) The Wonderbolt contest will conclude in approximately five and a half hours, and the winners will be posted tomorrow in the afternoon. Once the prizes have been distributed, the only change to my initial plans will be that my FiMFiction account will stay up. While I won't log on anymore, I figured it would be rude to take down my stories in case people were planning to read them, so that's why it will remain in place.

B) If you want to keep in touch, I am currently using a new Discord account, though some of you may have to make another friend request. The reasoning behind the second part is kind of tough to explain and goes into some extremely sensitive topics, and I'd rather not discuss it for everyone's sake. Send me a DM if you'd like my username/number, but keep in mind that I'm not as active online compared to before.

C) In relation to the second point, I may create a private Discord server for people to discuss MLP and other topics, but it'll be focused more on lighthearted discussions, cute artworks, and other pleasant things. I'll only make one if enough people request such a server, and it'll probably be the only MLP server I will participate in should it come to fruition. Rules to prevent or mitigate drama and common triggers for such conflicts would be a major priority for obvious reasons. Just thought I would mention that possibility.

D) Likewise, I am using a new Tumblr account, but it's primarily for liking and reblogging stuff I found cute, cool, funny, and so on. Let me know if you'd like the link as well via DM. It won't be too active for the same reasons as the Discord account, but it's an option for those who wish to stay in touch with me once my time on FiMFiction comes to an end.

As for my mental health, it has been steadily improving since I made changes to my daily routine. Group therapy has been effective so far, and separating myself from the common causes of my anguish have been equally effective. It's too early to tell whether things are better for my health, but it's a start.

Apologies for yet another blog post about my future, but I felt it important to clear up a few things alongside some miscellaneous changes to my future plans. They're not drastic changes, but important enough to let people know about. However, I will not discuss the story behind why I am doing this for everyone's sake. You'd be surprised at how much focusing on the positive can help a person, even if just a little. One of my hopes moving forward is that everyone on this site finds something positive down the road.

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