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A Proposal · 2:15am Jan 25th, 2018

Hey, all!

I mentioned in my last blog that I've had to face some things about myself lately. One thing is that I've closed off some parts of myself, one of which being my love for my stories and characters and my desire to talk about them. I've had some chances to nerd out over these things lately, and it felt so good and really therapeutic to talk about them again.

So, to get me more active on here again, and to get me to open up that part of myself once more, would anyone be interested in a semi-regular blog series where I post a few characters of mine or mention one of my stories so that you can ask questions or we can talk about them all together? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Comments ( 31 )

Totally! And like, maybe if you're going to do ocs or a stories, tell us in advance so we can brush up or read it or whatever before the question blog?

Ooo, that's a great idea! Thanks so much! For the OCs, I was also thinking of giving a breakdown of their personality and stuff like that on the blog, and your idea would really add to that!

Im all for it!!!

Awesome! Thanks for chiming in!

Also, if I haven't said it already, thank you for following me!

No problem! You deserve the follow!

That would be a good idea for the ocs, and doubly so for the (potential) ones that haven't been written.

Oh, please do, Bard-sensei! :pinkiehappy:

For sure! I was originally planning on sticking to ones that have been written, but I have a few adopts that need some love and could have their personalities fleshed out, so this would be really helpful for that as well!

Oh gosh, thank you again!

No problem friend!!!

Haha, this seems to be a pretty popular idea! I think I will!

Haha, this sounds like a plan, then!

Oh gosh, thank you, e-tec. X3

Hey whatever you decide to do I’m just happy to see you again! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you, Final! This is definitely happening now.

XD This is definitely happening! This is getting a ton more interest than I hoped it would!

I look forward to seeing your stuff too. :rainbowdetermined2:

And so the teacher returns.:twilightsmile:

It would be nice to have some easy talk about your characters.:moustache:

Hey, Lazydrill! Good to see you!

And thanks for your input! It will be exciting to get this series started. :twilightsmile:

Awesome! Thanks, Cookie!

I’m glad to see so many people taking an interest in this.

The feeling is mutual, lyric.:yay: Glad to see you’re still kicking butt!

GAH! I missed this blog completely :( I am so sorry I missed it when you first posted it. Anyway, yes! I would love it if you started posting more of your ideas and characters Lyric. :)

Thanks so much! It’s definitely happening now. It’s been great to see so many people interested in this idea!

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