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"I am a singer, a poet, a musician, a storyteller. I am a bard at heart. That is who I am. That is what I shall always be." (Icon by atokota on FurAffinity)

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An Update! · 2:17pm Jun 22nd, 2019

Hello, all!

Just a quick update to say that although I've been silent as of late, I'm still around and I'm not going anywhere! The Cosmic Cowpony and I have been collaborating on a story together, I have another that I shall be writing for River Babble, and I'm still working on that big story in the background! I'm not sure if I'll be posting that story for River here or not since it will be written purely for fun, but I will at least link to it should I decide to publish it elsewhere only.

So there's a quick overview of what I've been up to writing-wise! Like I've said before, I do love it here and I won't be going anywhere.


Comments ( 11 )

Glad to see you didn't leave the site. That would be a pity :twilightsmile: Looking forward to these stories!

Thank you, my friend! Yeah, life has kept me busy as of late, and I haven’t had much motivation to sit down and actually write a story, so it’s been great to collaborate with The Cosmic Cowpony and to plan out this big story of mine. But I’m still hoping that writing the story for River will help me get back into the groove of things. :twilightsmile:

It's great to hear from you Bard :)

Thanks, Final! It’s great to hear from you, too!

Good overall! Busy with work a lot, which is why I’ve done more planning than actual writing lately. XD How about yourself?

Well glad it's good. Things for me, really aren't that good, I'm honestly responding to notifications hoping it will distract me.

I’m sorry to hear that. I hope things get better for you soon.

Thank you....Bard, I know we don't really talk too much, but, well, so long as you're not taking off from FIM for a period of time, I would like to discuss it with you, should there be no objection.

That’ll be fine. Feel free to send me a note.

PS: I'll be going to bed in about half an hour. Please feel free to send the note still and I'll respond when I can.

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