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A Commission I Never Received · 11:05pm May 3rd, 2019

Hey, all.

I'm not really sure how to say this, but I'm feeling pretty upset at the moment. In October of 2017, I commissioned an artist for a small beanie of one of my characters. I only paid $38 USD for it. I was in contact with the artist and they sent me a few progress shots, but then in March of 2018 when my beanie was almost completed, they dropped off the face of the earth, leaving me and other commissioners — some who paid much more than I did — to twist in the wind. (And to be clear, while I am upset, I am also worried about them.)

I was able to contact a support person from PayPal to try and get a refund, but I was unable to get one because of the method I used to pay. While this makes sense and I do understand, it has only helped to exacerbate the situation.

I have thought about creating a Ko-fi to try and earn some of that money back. While I cannot offer much in thanks, I've had the idea that should anyone donate a Ko-fi they could submit a prompt for me to write a poem off of (something simple like "ocean" or "grass"), or the people who donated more could be sent a photo print of their choosing in thanks. And if you want to get a taste of what my poetry and photography are like, you can find them on my DeviantArt account. The question is, would anyone be interested in something like this?

I really hope that I do not sound petty about this situation. I want to be clear again that I am only upset because of the length of time since payment and the fact that neither I or the other commissioners have heard from this person in over a year. I thank you if you have read through this blog post, and I welcome your feedback and suggestions on my aforementioned Ko-fi idea.

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Comments ( 7 )

Aw man, that stinks. =( I'll help out a little, consider it gratitude for you writing Sales fiction!

Thank you so much, River! If you do decide to give, I'd rather wait until said fic is finished and in your hands so that you're not giving something for nothing.

Nah just lemme know when you got the kofi up! I want to help you out, the fic thing is just an excuse. ^^

I don't think it's petty Bard. I also think this is a good idea, though sadly I have no credit card or plastic payment method at the moment and sadly bit of time in the future; hope you get your money back.

Haha, well thanks to another extremely generous friend, I'm actually all set for now! But should I ever make a Ko-fi, I will be sure to let you know!

Thank you, Final, for your well wishes, for caring, and for letting me know this isn't petty. I was pretty worried about that last one. However, I do have some much better news which I shall be posting in a moment!

Your very welcome for all.
Great to hear :D

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