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I'm Italian, I like Halo, and my favorite pony is Applejack. What else?

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    I've put On the Blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons on hiatus. The story is NOT cancelled, I still plan to keep writing it, but I've been unable to update it in the last two years due to various reasons that I've already explained in the past and I'm unable to make promises about when the next chapter will come out.

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340! · 10:14pm Jan 22nd, 2018

Today On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons has reached 340 likes :pinkiehappy: and given that 3+4+0=7 and 7 is kind of a sacred number for the Halo community, I think this deserves a little celebration :twilightsmile:

(I'm not usually a fan of rap, but I really like these songs :twilightblush:)

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Hey Dragon Hunter, not to be rude or anything. But when will On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons update?

Well done, brother! :twilightsmile: Looking forward to the next update, hit me up if you need a review before you post

The next chapter is roughly complete at 75-80%, but unfortunately I can't make promises about the publishing date because I'm studying for the upcoming exam session.
The chapter is a bit short compared to the usual, but it will be completely centered around our favorite Commando and his new Changeling "friend".

Will do :twilightsmile: There's also the draft of my new story if you're interested.

Can do, what's the premise?

Basically is this: Equestria is part of the Covenant Fringe and ambassador Sunset Shimmer travels to High Charity shortly before the Great Schism for a diplomatic mission, unaware of what is going to happen.

Thus gets caught in a civil war, I bet it gets really fun when the Flood show up!

Sunset: "Wow, High Charity is amazing!"
...a few days later...
Horrifying Flood noises
Sunset: "Everything is scary!"

But yes, the Great Schism and the Flood will play their role in the story. Furthermore, it's been a while since I started to think about writing a story about the 'other side' of the Human-Covenant War, and I personally find the concept of the Fringe intriguing (alien species that serve as vassals for the Covenant? Now, that's something I'd like to know more about. Instead of, you know, another MJOLNIR version. Seriously, there are probably more armor suits than actual Spartans now...)

Can do, I've got a pretty vicious work cycle going on atm, but I'll review whatever you send me whenever I get a chance to ^^

Same here, as I said, university is keeping me busy lately, but I'll make you know when the beta is ready for a review :rainbowdetermined2:

Any chances on Sunset running into Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 while running for her life or at the very least setting eyes on him from a distance? That said how will Sunset get off of High Charity?

Revealing the story line when I still have to write the story beyond the drafts of the first couple of chapters would only ruin the story itself :trixieshiftleft:

Damnit, although I am thinking that R'tas and Shadow of Intent plays a role. Congrats Sunset, you are probably going to take part in the climax of the H-C War.

when will you update?

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