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Halo Infinite - Discover Hope | E3 2019 Trailer · 10:19pm Jun 9th, 2019

The new trailer for Halo Infinite is finally here! :pinkiehappy:

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I have no idea where all this is going lol.

I know. Isn't it exciting? :pinkiecrazy:

I know it's been expected for a couple years now, but I have no idea what type of game it'll be or what the plot is. A quick Google search could probably fix that but I'm lazy.
I'm probably being weird but Halo has never felt the same the same to me since Halo 3, though that's understandable since it's difficult to achieve such heights again as well as changing companies.

I'm really hyped for Halo Infinite, but was a bit disappointed with the lack of gameplay. Trailer was excellent however

What the fuck is this trailer.

He's got the Mark IV suit with the Mark VI helmet, overshields, is orbiting a broken Halo, has Cortana's empty A.I. chip but she's still alive!? Also, he's just floating out in space and some guy in a Pelican(with an interior design that isn't present in any game) just happens to find him by accident.


Well, it's not related to 5: Guardians so I'll give it a chance.

Emperor willing, it won't be trash XD

How do you feel about it, dragon hunter?

*Excited Italian noises*
Very hyped :pinkiehappy: maybe it's the nostalgia speaking, but I love how the art-style and the music are heavily inspired by Halo 3. I like the plot of the trailer, the moment that pilot says "We're going home!" after waiting alone for who knows how long with only an holo-recording from his family keeping him company was rather touching.
If the graphic from the trailer is same we'll see in the actual game, then I'm eager to see the new Slipspace Engine at work.

Me and my friend watching E3 were and are still hyped as F:yay:ck over this trailer!

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