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I'm Italian, I like Halo, and my favorite pony is Applejack. What else?

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In the chaotic period following the fall of the Covenant Empire, the Shipmaster Vraal Rutaen does his best to ensure the safety of his race. For years he and his crew have fought countless threats, searching at the same time the precious Forerunner technologies on which depends the future of the Sangheili. But this is not enough. The Sangheili, once proud warriors that fought in name of glory and honor, are now without a true purpose to live, risking the extinction. But when they discover accidentally a new planet that defies every law of physics, maybe they've also found the answer to their existential question. All depends on the first contact with the inhabitants.

Chapters 1 to 18 edited by Requiem17.

"Speech in a foreign language." (Ponies hearing Sangheili language - Sangheili hearing human/pony language)

Chapters (19)

After the destruction of the Ark and the collapse of the Portal, the wreck of the frigate Forward Unto Dawn is transported on an unknown planet, where a series of events initiated long ago will bring the inhabitants of two completely different worlds to fight side by side against an ancient enemy long forgotten.

Placed between the events of Halo 3 and Halo 4 and immediately after the end of Season 3.

This is my first fiction and English is not my first language. Editing by Requiem17.
Criticisms and suggestions are welcome.

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