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Although it left it, it knew that it was right, it made it down, because it didn't know what's up.

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  • 95 weeks
    You were the Chosen One!

    Alas, it was not so.

    So as many of you may have surmised, I have violently but silently passed away.

    That is to say I am dead.

    Not in the literal sense, but possibly in the literary sense.

    To make things short, I had a bit of a breakdown, a couple of other mundane life-things and a lack of time to even consider writing.

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    Microstory X - Awkward Twilight

    It happened at a bookstore.

    "Hello," said the clerk.

    "Morning," Twilight mumbled back.

    The clerk returned a strained smile back and then went back to work.

    Twilight then realised in her half-tired state that it wasn't morning, it was the evening, the store was closed and it wasn't a bookstore, and the clerk wasn't there and she had been talking to a cardboard sign all this time.

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    Microstory IX - The Existence

    Before Twilight could say anything, Pinkie held up her hoof.

    "Twilight, stop, before you say anything. I have to say something!"

    Silence followed.

    "What were you going to say?"

    "...I forgot."

    "Pinkie... what are you doing on my doorstep?"

    "Twilight, you have to help me with my application!"

    "What's this?" She held the documents up. "These look like job... rejections?"

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    Micro Story VIII - The Rock

    It started with a slight clicking sound.

    Like the fingernails tapping on a tabletop.

    Click. Click. Click.

    There it sat on her desk.

    The rock.

    Eyes fixated on the inanimate object, Twilight examined it with such rigour.

    But it stood still.

    Yet still was that sound.

    Click. Click. Click.

    Then a different sound.


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    Micro Story VII

    Twilight glanced out the windows at the dim backdrop of stars.

    Night time, she thought, and lazily went back to reading.

    Then she returned back to the window.

    No wait, that's space!

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Micro Story VI · 12:14pm Jan 22nd, 2018

The human licked cakes.

"This tastes sweet!"

The human licked a lemon.

"This tastes sour."

The human licked grass.

"This tastes bland."

The human licked Twilight.

"This tastes rich and heavy."

The human also tasted magic, but he couldn't recall the specific flavour because it was concentrated into a bolt at the time and was slamming more into his cheek rather than his mouth.

Word of advice: ponies look tastier than they actually taste.

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Comments ( 4 )


So THAT'S where the Horse Pop segment of '9000 people hit the subscribe button' originates!!

Also don't lick Twilight.

Could have been worse, the alicorn could have started licking back... :trollestia:

Or the pegasi could have melted into a embarrassed puddle of apologies and stunned-goat bleating. :fluttershysad:

if the earth pony tasted like cotton candy and giggled a lot, well, that would've been much better. Sounds like a great time for a party! :pinkiehappy:

....so when does this turn into a crackfic of a HiE licking all the ponies?

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