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Birthday Shenanigans "Contest" · 8:38pm January 10th

So, it's my birthday, supposedly. So, here's what you can do!

+500 Novel Points for any SunLight art I haven't seen yet.
+450 Novel Points for any RariTwi art I haven't seen yet.
+400 Novel Points for any MLP Deer art I haven't seen yet.
+400 Novel Points for any SkyPie art I haven't seen yet.

Let's see who wins!

*Novel points are only redeemable by Novel for word count to be applied to any story Novel wants to write without having to take any suggestions, advice, tips or anything else and don't actually mean anything side from entertaining me.

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Comments ( 18 )

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! I am not at all in a position to go trawling Derpibooru right now, but here's hoping you have a good one.

Many Happy Returns of the Day! :pinkiehappy:

Happy birthday!:pinkiehappy:

450 points for the second picture! :pinkiegasp:



SkyPie (I admit, I didn't know what ship this was, but Derpibooru helped.)

I searched Derpibooru for recent Deer pics (since it wouldn't be as likely that you'd have seen it before) but some of the best ones I found either weren't that great or weren't solo shots and not knowing if you preferred that screwed with my OCD too much to want to post it, so I had to give up on possibly getting 400 points.

Happy birthday!

+400 Novel Points for the SkyPie picture! EEEEEE!

4770865, 4770866, 4770869, 4770870, 4770876, 4770892, 4771148, 4771153, 4771369

Thank you all for your wonderful birthday well-wishes. Believe it or not, (and cliche or not), I've learned more about friendship in the last year than I ever have before. What true friends really are, what they look like, what they do and more I can't put into words.

Thank you for teaching me. :twilightsmile:

And thank you to you as well.

Wait when did you see the SunLight and RariTwi pics?

The SunLight one I saw like at the beginning of this week on Tumblr! Mono linked me the RariTwi one, either in her Discord chat or directly, I can't remember which. :raritywink:

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