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A question... · 2:21pm Jan 2nd, 2018


A while back I met a girl at work. She was very nice, complimented my pony watch. I said thanks. She came up to talk a few days later. I was nervous as hell. I had a crush.

I got her a present when she wasn't feeling well, a Valentine's' Day gift, and, recently, a Christmas present (and I got her a card the year prior). Inside I had an Amazon gift card and a note. The note went like this:

Dear [name redacted]:

I hope you have a merry Christmas, and I hope you get something you like with the gift card. I mentioned in the card that I wanted a response to something. Before that, there is something that I need to get off my chest, aside from the twenty pounds I need to lose before I'm allowed on public beaches.

You've wondered why I can't really talk around you. Social anxiety is a large part of it, but there's something else as well.

I have a small crush on you, and I'm terrified to come out and say it, which is why I'm writing it down here.

You're sweet, charming, and are patient with me, which I appreciate to no end. You're very pretty outside as well as in. You always ask how I'm doing, and always stop what you're doing to do so. For someone like me, that means a lot.

I know it seems like I'm putting pressure on you, but rest assured, if you don't feel the same way, I will still be your friend. Either way, I would like to hang out with you and get to know you a lot better, doubly so now that I've gotten what I need to off my chest.

Would you like to hang out sometime?



So, I give her the card. A few days later, she talks to me. She felt it was too much, but I insisted. It was her Christmas gift, after all.

She offered to get me one to Best Buy. She claimed she read the note, but didn't have time to reply. Okay, reasonable.

I see her again a week after. She says she'd give me a note with her reply.


I talk to a friend of mine at work. She knows everybody. I tell her of my crush. She says "I think she has a boyfriend."

This is news to me, as I got no sign or wasn't told at all about a boyfriend. Also hurt like hell.

We come to last night. Maybe I scared her away with the note and blew a chance for friendship away. Then again, normally when people tell someone they have feelings for them, they let them know they have a boyfriend if they have one. I felt like I had to make things right. So, after telling her she didn't have to get me anything if she didn't want to, I told her I was sorry for the note and shouldn't have wrote it.

All I got? A nice "It's okay."

Yeah. That's it.

I should feel relief that I have closure now, but it hurts because I thought that for one brief shining moment I had a chance. It feels like I got led on, and I made a fool of myself in the process. And I know it's probably largely my fault.

Has anyone ever experienced something even remotely like this? And if so, how did you bounce back?

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No, I’ve never experienced this, mostly because I also have social anxiety.

I kinda went through something like that, but I was a hopeless romantic, so I was doomed from the start, I only realized it in hindsight

Yeah, I've had this happen a couple times to me before. Usually I just talk to my friends either here or IRL and they help me bounce back.

Nothing ventured nothing gained. You gotta go through a fee failures before you see success.

Hey, don’t feel down. You still tried, you still made a move. That alone is worth a lot. A lot of people, including me many times, are never brave enough to make the first move.

Did she reply to your note? If she didn’t, I would wait a bit till she did give a reply. You never know, there may be hope yet. However, if she never replies, or gives a negative reply, then you’re gonna have to move on and ask someone else.

Don’t give up bro. I believe in you.

At least you took a chance. Well done!👍:raritywink:

I'm sorry, bro.
I just don't feel like I've bounced back. I think part of the reason is this time, people believed in me, and the disappointment and hurt just multiplied.
Unfortunately, all I've experienced so far is failure...
You don't know how dangerously close I am to just giving up and telling love and the very concept of romance to just fuck off...
And it ended just like my other attempts AND with extra humiliation...

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