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Loving the fan fiction - reading, editing and writing. If you want to know more than that about me, consult one of the pages or links I have below.

Get in touch with me, outside FIM. Go on. I can take it.

Now. I am adding this here for people who want to chat and such. If you suspect I am a clingy person, please don't PM me or anything. You're likely to get into a conversation that'll head off on strange tangents - that's the way my humor is.

I am not looking for ulterior motives. That being said, here 'tis.

I'm more than happy to have a chin wag, listen to folks vent, or just meet up with friendly people.  Especially if you're in the Houston area.  I do not bite (anymore) and I have had all my shots.

My linkedIn: (I will tolerate NO non-professional rubbish there - it is STRICTLY professional):  My Linkedin Account
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/simon.mitchell.395
Skype user: saint.kartano
My email:  kartano@gmail.com
My Google+: Simon Mitchell (the one with a Roman scutum on it)
My phone: I also don't mind you hitting me up on SMS - don't call the phone, since if I do not recognize the number I will refuse to answer it:  +1 832 907 7239
Discord User: Saint Kartano#8115
Usual Discord Server:Carefree Discord Channel
Origin user: ross_kartanos
Rabbit TB user: kartano
Twitch user: saintkartano
Steam user: rosskartanos
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/saintkartano
My amateur radio callsign:  KG5MAZ.  In Houston, I usually just listen on the local simplex call channels - 146.520 MHz or the UHF simplex chann
el 446.000 MHz
My GitHub: Just because I'm running out of shit to add links for:  https://github.com/kartano
My C64 Scene Database profile: Shockwave/System/PDC
My Twitter: @SaintKartanos
Discord: Saint Kartano#8115
KIK: sooty.grunter (the avatar has some rifles on it)
Web page:  I don't have one, yet.  If I can ever get enough cash, I'll setup a dedicated server that I use for my business projects and attempt to throw a personal one on there somewhere.

If you're in Houston and you enjoy any of the following hobbies, I'd love to meet up!
-  Scuba diving (open & advanced, dry suit, search and recovery certified)
-  Chess
-  Model building (the old fashioned Revell style)
-  Histology and Biology
-  Emergency Medicine


It's been a while. · 6:30am Dec 23rd, 2017

I've been exceptionally reluctant to actually bother writing a blog now for quite some time.

To be honest, I cannot wait until 2017 is dead and buried.

I have little faith that 2018 will be any better.

But then, who knows the future?

I've lost faith in humanity, but maybe not fate. Not yet.

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As with anyone I follow - either you wrote a story that I liked, made a post that I enjoyed, or I love your avatar! Any and indeed all of these reasons would've been why I followed you.

I've got several places including Discord? If you check out my user page, I think I have all of them listed.

Do you have any other social media other than this website?

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