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Loving the fan fiction - reading, editing and writing. If you want to know more than that about me, consult one of the pages or links I have below.

Get in touch with me, outside FIM. Go on. I can take it.

Now. I am adding this here for people who want to chat and such. If you suspect I am a clingy person, please don't PM me or anything. You're likely to get into a conversation that'll head off on strange tangents - that's the way my humor is.

I am not looking for ulterior motives. That being said, here 'tis.

I'm more than happy to have a chin wag, listen to folks vent, or just meet up with friendly people.  Especially if you're in the Houston area.  I do not bite (anymore) and I have had all my shots.

My linkedIn: (I will tolerate NO non-professional rubbish there - it is STRICTLY professional):  My Linkedin Account
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/simon.mitchell.395
Skype user: saint.kartano
My email:  kartano@gmail.com
My Google+: Simon Mitchell (the one with a Roman scutum on it)
My phone: I also don't mind you hitting me up on SMS - don't call the phone, since if I do not recognize the number I will refuse to answer it:  +1 832 907 7239
Discord User: Saint Kartano#8115
Usual Discord Server:Carefree Discord Channel
Origin user: ross_kartanos
Rabbit TB user: kartano
Twitch user: saintkartano
Steam user: rosskartanos
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/saintkartano
My amateur radio callsign:  KG5MAZ.  In Houston, I usually just listen on the local simplex call channels - 146.520 MHz or the UHF simplex chann
el 446.000 MHz
My GitHub: Just because I'm running out of shit to add links for:  https://github.com/kartano
My C64 Scene Database profile: Shockwave/System/PDC
My Twitter: @SaintKartanos
Discord: Saint Kartano#8115
KIK: sooty.grunter (the avatar has some rifles on it)
Web page:  I don't have one, yet.  If I can ever get enough cash, I'll setup a dedicated server that I use for my business projects and attempt to throw a personal one on there somewhere.

If you're in Houston and you enjoy any of the following hobbies, I'd love to meet up!
-  Scuba diving (open & advanced, dry suit, search and recovery certified)
-  Chess
-  Model building (the old fashioned Revell style)
-  Histology and Biology
-  Emergency Medicine


Still trying to get back to editing!!!! · 6:50pm Last Thursday

It seems that each time I try to sit down and get my story editing on track again, something crops up.

This time, the air conditioner in the house has finally died. Being that we live in Houston, to try and get through a summer without it is tempting fate. So I've been trying to scrape the cash together to at least get the condenser fixed and regassed. Ideally, the entire unit should be replaced - but there's no chance of our finding that kind of money for a year or so.

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As with anyone I follow - either you wrote a story that I liked, made a post that I enjoyed, or I love your avatar! Any and indeed all of these reasons would've been why I followed you.

I've got several places including Discord? If you check out my user page, I think I have all of them listed.

Do you have any other social media other than this website?

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